David Christ: 2019 NAIAS Lexus Press Conference Remarks

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Dave Christ, Group Vice President & General Manager, Lexus Division
2019 Detroit Auto Show
2020 RC F Track Edition and Lexus LC Concept Vehicle Reveals
Cobo Center, Detroit
January 14, 2019

What a car!

Good afternoon.

It’s great to be with you today.

Thirty years ago, almost to the day, we came to Detroit to tell the world about the creation of Lexus.

We are excited to be back in Detroit to kick off our 30th anniversary, and we are proud to say it’s been a great thirty years.

A special thank you to our guests who have entrusted us with their vehicle needs, and to our dealers who have delivered amazing every day for three decades.

Lexus began with a humble two-product line-up.

Today, we offer models across a broad range of segments and prices to better serve our guests.

From the all new, UX Crossover, which is just now successfully launching, to the Flagship LS that we launched last year.

We literally have something for everyone.

However, some guests have asked for more.

MORE what you may say?

More power, more POW.

And I am here to tell you we have delivered that and more in the new 2020 RC-F Track Edition.

Incorporating track data from our IMSA and Super GT race teams, our engineers pored over every aspect of the car to find ways to make it even more exciting to drive.

You may have noticed a familiar face in the video.

Scott Pruett, the Hall of Fame Driver and Lexus Ambassador, helps us to push our performance forward, and he is here with us today.

Scott, thanks for coming, and thank you for the big “THUMBS UP” on this track edition.

This RC F Track Edition has extraordinary capabilities both on the track and off.

It’s been carefully crafted from the finest components to deliver ultimate performance matched with ultimate luxury.

For example, the Track Edition includes standard carbon ceramic brake rotors, a feature typically only found on exotic supercars.

This RC F also inspires confidence with the grip of Michelin Pilot-Sport
4-S tires mounted on lightweight 19-inch BBS wheels.

Developed in collaboration with Michelin, the tires were designed specifically for the RC F.

Weight savings were achieved through the strategic use of carbon fiber body panels, along with a standard titanium exhaust system, a feature you’ll rarely find in this class, or any other class for that matter.

Significant changes were also made to this car’s aerodynamics.

Up front, the air dam reduces lift to improve front end grip and overall steering feel.

In the back a fixed rear wing made of carbon fiber smooths out the air over the back of the car to reduce drag, while still adding downforce.

There are plenty of improvements that you can’t see as well.

All RC-F Track Editions get stiffer bushings for the steering rack and engine mounts, along with a shorter final drive ratio and electronic launch control.

The 5-Liter naturally aspirated V-8 engine has increased power output, giving it the best power-to-weight ratio in its class, which delivers 0-to-60 performance in less than 4 seconds.

Yes I just said that: 0 to 60 in less than 4 seconds!


It’s a comprehensive blend of precisely engineered upgrades, all designed to elevate the performance of the new RC F to levels that true enthusiasts
will appreciate.

The Track Edition is designed for the purist, but rest assured that its track DNA trickles down into all 2020 RC F models, as they too adopt launch control aerodynamic enhancements and revised suspension tuning.

It’s hard to believe that the F performance brand has been around for over a decade now.

Since day one it had one simple goal: deliver exceptional and usable performance for our guests.

To put that idea into practice, our engineers continually test at Fuji speedway, the home of F Performance.

We also incorporate input from our racing efforts here in the U.S.

In fact, we recently announced that AIM Vasser Sullivan racing will campaign 2 RC-Fs in the IMSA GTD class in 2019.

We look forward to reaching the podium with this talented racing team.

So, we are excited to bring you the ALL NEW 2020 RC-F Track Edition, along with the significantly refreshed 2020 RC F, coming to Lexus Dealerships in April.

Now let’s discuss our other premium coupe, the LC.

As we developed our flagship LC coupe, the engineers incorporated that same F performance philosophy.

Its performance, along with its striking design and craftsmanship, have made the LC one of the most sought-after vehicles we have ever produced.

And that hasn’t stopped us from further developing the LC.

Continuous improvement is a core philosophy at Lexus, and from the moment we finished the coupe we were already thinking about what would come next.

Today, we would like to show you one possible direction for the LC.

take a look.

I am pleased to introduce the Lexus LC Convertible Concept.

Like the LC coupe before it this concept symbolizes the future direction of our brand.

It’s not just an aspirational vehicle, it’s an aspirational lifestyle.

It’s a lifestyle that isn’t defined by the things you acquire, but by the experiences you remember.

Few drives will be more memorable than one behind the wheel of this concept.

Performance is amplified with 22” forged alloy wheels and the unmistakable sound of the engine leaves no doubt this LC was designed to fully engage all of your senses.

And there is one word to describe this concept:


Achieving this heightened level of sensory input did not come at the expense of comfort or performance, and certainly not at the expense of design.

The memorable lines of the LC coupe have not been sacrificed to create this open top concept.

The LC Convertible concept was also designed to deliver a relaxing cabin environment for the driver and passenger, allowing effortless conversations
and a precisely controlled climate.

Everything that makes the interior of the LC coupe so unique is also carried over into this concept.

From the world-class craftsmanship to the look and feel of the materials, this is a convertible that caters to its guests like a personal concierge.

Whether you’re taking a weekend trip down the coast, escaping to your favorite twisty road, or just getting coffee on a Sunday morning, every trip in this convertible would be a memorable one.

We are honored to have three key Lexus global leaders here with us today.

First let me introduce Executive Vice President of Lexus International, Koji Sato; the Chief Designer of the LC and RC F, Tadao Mori; as well as Chief Engineer of the RC F, Yuichi Tsurumoto. Thank you all for joining us and thank you for this amazing product.

So, there you have it, a production car that continues the story of F performance, and a concept that sits at the pinnacle of design and desirability.

We’ve got POW! And we’ve got WOW!

Seeing them here together makes me proud to be a part of this company, and more excited than ever to see what’s next for Lexus.

Now, before we invite you all on stage to get a closer look, please allow time for photos of both vehicles with the Lexus team.

Enjoy the rest of the show and thanks for joining us!


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