How Toyota is reaching Takata airbag recall customers and expediting vehicle repairs.

  • Our focus remains on the safety and security of our customers.  We continue to reach out to all the involved vehicle owners to make sure they are aware of this recall.
  • We have worked with our suppliers to obtain a sufficient supply of remedy inflator kits.
  • We are educating the driving public about the potential for death or serious injury as a result of this safety defect and encouraging them to bring in their vehicle to a local authorized dealer for immediate repair.
  • As recall campaigns progress, we are contacting vehicle owners in many different ways: using first class mail, postcards, certified mail, email, phone calls, and social media.
  • We are striving to make this recall remedy easy and convenient, including emphasizing to vehicle owners that the repair is FREE and takes about an hour for most vehicles.  To that end, we are offering alternate transportation during the repair, towing to the dealership, or vehicle pickup at no cost to the vehicle owner.
  • We are piloting many new outreach methods and collaborating with stakeholders from across the automotive industry to develop unique and innovative solutions in an effort to locate and repair as many involved  vehicles as possible.

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