Toyota Update: Exponent Report on the Company’s Electronic Throttle Control System

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Toyota has retained Exponent, a well-respected engineering and scientific consulting firm, to conduct a comprehensive, independent analysis of Toyota and Lexus vehicles using the ETCS-i system (Electronic Throttle Control System with intelligence) for concerns related to unintended acceleration.
Toyota has provided members of Congress with an interim, first phase report from Exponent on its evaluation of the ETCS-i system, consistent with the company’s commitment to increased transparency regarding the quality and safety of its vehicles.
The interim report, dated February 4, 2010, notes that Exponent was unable to induce unintended acceleration in any of the ETCS-i equipped Toyota and Lexus vehicles it tested. In all cases, the vehicle either behaved normally or entered a fail-safe mode where engine power was significantly reduced or shut off.
Exponent’s testing and evaluation is ongoing.  Its first phase evaluation was performed by a team that included both engineers and technicians with specialized knowledge in mechanical, electrical, and automotive engineering and involved extensive testing on multiple vehicles and individual components under a variety of normal and abnormal conditions.

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