Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc. Joins U.S. Environmental Protection Agency WasteWise Program

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TORRANCE, Calif., November 11, 2009 – – Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc. (TMS) announced today that it has joined U.S. Environmental Protection Agency?s (EPA) WasteWise program.  As the first national voluntary solid waste reduction program, WasteWise encourages organizations to reduce municipal solid waste through waste prevention, recycling and buying or manufacturing recycled products.
?The WasteWise program is a great opportunity to recognize the efforts of Toyota associates that contribute to our waste reduction and recycling efforts every day,? said Bob Wade, corporate manager of environmental, hazardous material and safety.
In 2008, TMS recycled over 86 percent of its waste, more than 24,000,000 pounds. U.S. EPA estimates that the amount of greenhouse gas reduced due to TMS collective recycling and reduction efforts* are equivalent to the annual emissions from 10,549 passenger vehicles. Toyota estimates that the amount of greenhouse gases reduced from recycling efforts is the equivalent of all 2nd generation Prius sold in the U.S. in 2008, more than 154,000 vehicles, increasing their fuel economy from 46 mpg to 52 (combined city/hwy) for the year.
A major focus of the WasteWise program is waste prevention ? actions that minimize or eliminate the generation of waste ? with the goal of decreasing the amount of material that must be recycled or thrown away. TMS North American Parts Operation supports waste prevention through the use of over 45,000 reusable metal containers instead of cardboard and wood pallets. These containers move parts throughout the TMS distribution network and have eliminated the need for 25.9 million pounds of wood and 9.4 million pounds of corrugated cardboard in fiscal year 2009 alone.
?The greenhouse gas reduction focus in our industry is primarily on vehicle emissions,? said Wade. ?But Toyota works to reduce emissions throughout all aspects of our business.  From energy efficiency in our facilities to waste reduction and recycling, our goal is to minimize our environmental footprint.?
More than 1,100 organizations have joined the WasteWise program since 1994. WasteWise partners include manufacturers, retailers and service firms from more than 50 different industry sectors.
* Based on sites reporting data for WasteWise.  WasteWise application included 2008 data for 16 of 23 TMS sites.

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