Cylinder heads are a vital component to every vehicle that Toyota assembles. Cylinder heads are like the lungs of engine. They’re key to controlling air flow in and out of the cylinders and fuel deployment.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Missouri (TMMMO) uses recycled aluminum to build thousands of cylinder heads per day. Nearly 1,000 employees make more than 2 million cylinder heads per year — that’s the equivalent of 11,600 per day. The sustainable nature of these parts is just one of many ways TMMMO is helping to reduce its carbon footprint.

The plant is reducing carbon through a recently added 1.5-acre solar array, which will reduce CO2 emissions at the plant by 750 metric tons annually. That’s enough energy to power more than 120 homes per year. Toyota Missouri is also committed to supporting the environment’s unique balance of plants, animals and ecosystems. The manufacturing plant continues to take steps toward boosting biodiversity by incorporating natural grassland areas and nine Eastern Bluebird nesting boxes to help overcome habitat loss for the state bird. Additionally, the campus has a pollinator garden with plants that support the monarch butterfly during migration.

TMMMO also has a long history of investing in the community. The plant’s origins date back to 1912, when Jesse Bodine founded the Bodine Pattern Company in St. Louis. The plant manufactured patterns — or mold castings — for various customers including automotive. As Toyota began expanding its manufacturing presence in the U.S., it needed a trusted partner to build high-quality aluminum parts. In 1990, Toyota Motor Corporation acquired the company, eventually building a new plant and moving the operation’s headquarters to Troy, Missouri. Since 1993, Toyota has invested $455 million in the plant’s ongoing growth and development, including the implementation of automated technology.

TMMMO has been in production for 28 years and is committed to delivering superior quality cylinder heads for the technologically advanced and reliable vehicles we drive today.

Learn more about TMMMO here.

Originally published September 28, 2021

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