Toyota’s first manufacturing facility in North America, TABC, Inc., has been helping to build the company’s reputation for quality in everything it assembles. Today, with the help of 330 team members, TABC is a primary supplier of parts for Tacoma trucks and past model service parts. The plant creates stamped parts, steering columns, catalytic converters, weld sub-assemblies, sheet metal and aluminum components. TABC also assembles stamped parts and welded sub-assemblies.

TABC, originally known as Atlas Fabricators, contracted with Toyota in 1972 to assemble truck beds for vehicles destined for the U.S. Two years later, Toyota purchased the operation and renamed it “Toyota Auto Body Company, Inc.,” making it Toyota’s first manufacturing investment in the U.S. In 1988, the company changed its name to “TABC, Inc.”

TABC is based in Long Beach, California, and it plays its part in the environmentally conscious state. In its efforts, the plant uses specifically formulated low volatile organic compound lubrication oils in its stamping processes. TABC also utilizes HEPA filtration in its plasma and laser cutting equipment. And the company is currently in the process of installing a stormwater filtration system to filter and clean rainwater from the facility.

A longtime supporter of the community, TABC has made numerous donations to nonprofit organizations to help its Long Beach neighbors. Through a joint sponsorship with Toyota Motor Sales and Toyota Financial Services, TABC donated $35,000 to California Conference for Equality and Justice (CCEJ), a human relations organization dedicated to eliminating bias and racism through education, conflict resolution and advocacy. The plant also donated Toyota Siennas to Children Today and United Friends of the Children.

Since opening as Toyota’s first manufacturing facility in the U.S. 49 years ago, TABC has remained dedicated to safety and quality.

Learn more about TABC here.

Originally published September 23, 2021

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