James Schofield

  • Group Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
    Toyota Financial Services

James Schofield is group vice president of finance, treasury, competitiveness, and mergers & acquisitions for Toyota Financial Services (TFS). Schofield is responsible for all financial planning and pricing profitability alongside the funding, capital, liquidity risk management and treasury operations for TFS. In this role, Schofield also leads the treasury function for Toyota Motor North America and oversees the corporate finance related activities for TFS. Under his leadership, Toyota continues to develop the tools for a sustainable balance sheet while preparing for a new era of digitalization and changing consumer consumption habits.

Over the course of his career, Schofield has worked with corporations in the U.S., the U.K., Europe, and Asia. This wide range of experience provided him with an excellent global perspective as well as exposure to many cross-industry best practices. Importantly, Schofield has been a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion, and he considers it to be a vital component to any corporate culture.

Prior to joining Toyota in 2021, Schofield served as Lloyds Bank managing director, global head of food, drink and leisure as well as being an executive sponsor for the telecommunications, media & technology franchise. In this capacity, he advised clients across a variety of balance sheet challenges as well as providing working capital, trade and payment solutions. Previously at Lloyds, Schofield led a multinational team responsible for advising global corporate and real estate clients on financial risk management, including interest rates, currency, credit, and inflation exposure.

Earlier in his career, Schofield worked at JPMorgan Chase, where he initially worked in structured products and derivative marketing. He ascended to the role of vice president, credit & rates North America, in which he led teams covering a broad array of credit, foreign exchange, and interest rate products for media, logistics, shipping, and captive finance clients.

Schofield holds a Master of Arts in Geography from St. Peter’s College, Oxford University.

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