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Nearly sixty years ago, Toyota began its American journey with a single facility in Hollywood, California. A newcomer to the American landscape, the company that was becoming a leader in auto production in Japan had much to learn about what works here, in our very different culture and geography.

As the company celebrates the Grand Opening of a new North American headquarters in Plano, Texas, it also prepares for another major shift in culture and geography. Here, sales and manufacturing team members from across the country will work together in the same location for the first time. The modern, functional, and forward-looking campus is both tool and symbol as the company becomes one in innovation and collaboration.

This is One Toyota.
In a time of new ideas, we wanted to launch a new place to bring together our rich history and our vision for the future, plus what’s happening today. And so, we hereby cut the ribbon on Toyota USA Newsroom’s blog, Our American Journey. In it you will discover a range of stories not found anywhere else. Posts will offer a mix of perspectives and give you, our readers, treasures culled from Toyota’s archives, relevant, useful takeaway, as well as content that is just plain cool, such as design, innovation, manufacturing, vintage photos, and the philosophies that drive us forward.

We look forward to you sharing this adventure with us, for being a part of Our American Journey.  


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