2012 Toyota Camry Global Reveal – Bob Carter

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2012 Toyota Camry Global Reveal
Paramount Studios, Hollywood, Calif.
TMMK, Georgetown, Ky.
August 23, 2011, 10:30 a.m. PST/1:30 p.m. EST
Bob Carter Group Vice President and General Manager, Toyota Division 

Good morning, or afternoon, wherever you may be.  I’m delighted to welcome you to the global introduction of the Reinvented 2012 Camry. 

The program here at Paramount Studios in Hollywood is being simulcast to media gatherings in Detroit and New York. It’s also being shown to team members at the Camry manufacturing plant in Georgetown, Kentucky, where we will go little later in the program.  So I’d like add my welcome to everyone at these locations.

Our program is also being seen around the world on the internet recognizing that nearly 15 million Camrys have been sold in more than 100 countries since the car debuted in 1983 here in the U.S. It’s hard to believe it’s been 28 years since Camry first went on sale; Camry is now recognized as the smart, safety-conscious, and worry-free leader of the Toyota Brand.  More Camrys have been sold in North America than any other market … 9.7 million! 

It has been the best-selling car in America for nine years running and 13 of the past 14 years. The current Camry has been number one every year since it was introduced in 2007.  Camry also tops several lists as the most American-made car.

When it goes on sale this fall, the 2012 Camry will lead a parade of 10 all-new or major-change Toyota products in the months ahead.  Camry will be followed later this year by the Tacoma, Prius v,  Yaris and Scion iQ.  Next year we’ll add Prius C, Plug-in Prius, Scion FR-S and RAV4 EV, along with several other all-new models that we can’t talk about today. 

And it all begins today with the introduction of the 2012 Camry.  You know choosing the right car for ourselves, and our families, is an emotionally satisfying experience. Everyone wants to feel confident and at ease behind the wheel. We want to know we got great value for our money, that we made the responsible choice, and are taking care of our families and friends. 

That’s why I’m especially proud of how the new Camry will meet the needs of today’s buyer.  Not only will it continue as the benchmark for quality, dependability and reliability.  It will be the most technologically advanced Toyota ever built.  It will feature contemporary styling combined with best-in-class, driving dynamics, refinement, safety features, fuel economy and connectivity.  It will be an excellent value.  But most importantly, I’m confident owners will feel great about their decision to buy a Camry.

Ladies and gentlemen around the world, please welcome the reinvented 2012 Camry, it’s ready are you? 

(CAMRY REVEAL)         

As you can see behind me, it’s a “banner” day for America’s favorite car.  This lively street scene we’ve created  for today’s event really captures the spirit of the new Camry, it’s modern, without losing  its heritage,  it’s exciting, innovative, connected and worry free.  Look around, the shops and restaurants here are designed for today’s changing lifestyles and individual desires. 

Main Streets across America have changed and so has the Camry. Toyota is fortunate to have the world’s best engineers whose sole focus is to provide solutions for today’s challenges.  Please welcome the man responsible for the development of the new Camry, Chief Engineer Yukihiro Okane.  Thank you Yuki for a great job! 

Now let me tell you just how good the new Camry is. Here with me are the sporty SE and the XLE Hybrid delivering style and performance.  The first thing you’ll notice about the new Camry is its clean, sophisticated exterior. 100 percent of the exterior sheet metal is all new. And overall over 90% of the parts in Camry are re-engineered. 

Inside there’s a new level of space, comfort and refinement for both drivers and passengers.  Without increasing the size of the car our engineers have made the new Camry roomier and more comfortable while improving driving visibility.  The cabin is even quieter than before making conversation and music more enjoyable.  

Camry’s efficient 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine will meet the needs of a majority of customers.  For great fuel economy the 178-horsepower engine is teamed with a six-speed automatic transmission    providing smooth acceleration  with a best-in-class  35 miles per gallon — highway.  For those who want  the more power,  the new Camry’s 268-horsepower V6 provides improved performance yet mpg is as good or better than competitors’ V6 and turbocharged  four-cylinder engines.

The aggressive-looking SE provides a more dynamic driving experience  with a special suspension system and performance-tuned steering. The new Camry Hybrid offers significant improvements over the current model and will be unmatched in the market place.  Building on the four key advantages of Toyota hybrid technology, high mileage, low emissions, performance,  and a quiet driving experience,  it will outperform the competition in all areas it sets a new benchmark.  It will introduce a new hybrid system with a 2.5-liter four-cylinder that delivers 200 horsepower and 43 miles per gallon in the city.   That’s the best mileage of any midsize sedan available today. With a range of 650 miles you could drive from L.A. to Salt Lake City, Detroit to New York, or New York to Charlotte without having to refuel.  

For a sense of security on the road all new Camrys will provide best-in-class safety.  It starts with the Star Safety System which includes such features as Vehicle Stability Control, and Traction Control   among others.  Add best-in-class 10 airbags, plus an optional backup monitor, blind spot monitor, and Safety Connect, and you have a list of safety features unmatched in the class. Official testing hasn’t been conducted yet but during development Chief Engineer Okane targeted Five Star NCAP and IIHS Top Safety Pick ratings.

One of the key features today’s consumers are looking for is information and entertainment. But it can be a challenge to design a safe, easy to use system in an automobile.  Toyota’s answer is our exclusive Entune multimedia system and Camry will be among the first to have it. The key to Entune is its conversational voice recognition system that helped it earn a best-in-class rating at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.  For a distraction-free motoring environment Entune takes the phone out of the driver’s hand, leave it in the console or put it in your purse and you’re still connected. You’ll find Entune to be safe, simple, intuitive, compatible and upgradeable. Here’s a short video to show you what I mean.       

As good as this new Camry is one thing will stay the same; it will remain the number one, smart,   safety-focused and worry-free choice for American consumers.  Positioned in the heart of the industry’s most competitive segment, we expect Camry will continue to earn its position as America’s best-selling car. 

Camry has always provided customers with the best value.  And with the new Camry we’ve added an unprecedented level of value to the lineup. Let me add an exclamation point to that last statement by announcing 2012 Camry prices for the first time today.  In spite of all the new features and refinement we’ve added, prices on all popular models will be lower than they are today.  At $22,500, LE  is down $200. Starting at $23,000, SE models are down $1,000. XLE sheds $2,000, coming in at $24,725. As a result  of this pricing, customers can now get more Camry for less money!

Now here’s another exclamation point on pricing,  with more power, better mileage, and a bigger trunk the new Camry Hybrid will also be lower than the current model.  Camry Hybrid LE will be down eleven-hundred and fifty dollars to $25,900. The new XLE hybrid at $27,400 is $800 less than  the current hybrid with  an upgrade package. Model for model, grade for grade, nothing else in the mid-size sedan segment offers more value than Camry.

The 2012 Camry will arrive at Toyota dealers in October and advertising will start October 17th and will run through the Super Bowl, where Camry will be prominently featured.

While I’m on the subject of sports, I think most of you know Camry is a major player in NASCAR.  This is the fifth year Camry has been racing in NASCAR’s Nationwide and Sprint Cup Series.  In that short time    our teams have visited victory lane 100 times including this past weekend in Michigan, captured three manufacturer’s titles, and one driver championship pretty impressive.  Now there’s a new addition to the Camry NASCAR team, the 2012 Camry has been named pace car for the world-famous Daytona 500 next February, and here it is!

Look who’s behind the wheel, it’s Denny Hamlin, driver of the Number 11 Fed-Ex Camry for the Joe Gibbs Racing Team.  Hey Denny, you’re just the guy to show off the new pace car since you always like being out in front.  Since you have spent a lot of time in Camrys   both on and off the track what do you think of the new-2012? 

(Denny Hamlin)   
Bob, I had a chance to drive the new hybrid and NASCAR has never seen a pace car with this combination of performance and fuel efficiency. It is really amazing. But the one I really like is the Camry with an attitude, the SE.  

(Bob)  You know, it’s only appropriate that America’s best-selling car pace the “Great American Race.”  After all, Camry has the most North American content of any vehicle competing in NASCAR.   

(Denny)  Everyone at  Joe Gibbs racing  is proud to represent  the thousands of Americans who build and sell Camrys, and as a driver, I’m glad I have Toyota on my side.   

(Bob)  Thanks Denny and good luck  on the track. I hope all of you have enjoyed hearing about the new Camry  as much as I have  telling you about it. But truth be told, the story wouldn’t be complete  without mentioning the main plant  where it’s built. 

Twenty-five years ago this month, Toyota broke ground in Georgetown, Kentucky, for a production facility to build Camrys.  Today, there are 13 Toyota automotive plants in North America and a 14th scheduled to start Corolla production in Mississippi this October.   But Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky started it all as Toyota’s first wholly-owned auto plant on American soil.  Along the way, our Kentucky plant has earned more J.D. Power awards for quality than any other plant in North America. 

That’s one of the big reasons more than 90 percent of all Camrys built in the past 15 years are still on the road today.  But instead of a sales guy like me talking about manufacturing let’s go down to Kentucky to see how production is coming along on the new Camry.  Joining us there is Jim Wiseman,   Group Vice President and Chief Communications Officer for Toyota Motor North America…Jim, take it away…     

(Jim Wiseman):  Thank you Bob. Hello everyone and welcome to Georgetown, the home of Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky. This is one of two facilities that build Camrys in the U.S. and Toyota’s largest assembly plant in North America. More than 9 million vehicles and 6.7 million Camrys have been built here since this plant broke ground some 25 years ago. And today it is one of the largest automotive assembly plants in North America.  

As you can see, we have some very excited and energetic team members as production of the new Camry is coming up to speed. It’s my pleasure to introduce the president of this Kentucky plant, Mr. Wil James. Wil this is an exciting day for all of us at Toyota, but I know especially for you because you were here when the plant was built.  

(Wil James):  Jim, twenty-five years ago I watched the walls literally go up on this place. It was an exciting time. Now we have nearly 7,000 team members working here and they are excited and very proud to bring this new Camry to our dealers so customers can see their craftsmanship first hand.  

(Jim): What makes this new Camry special?  

(Wil): You know, our team members are very proud of the fact that not only has the Camry been the most popular car in America for going on 10 years it’s also the most American made! More than 80 percent of the parts that go into the Camry come from American suppliers so this vehicle alone is responsible for a lot of jobs across the United States. I am especially proud that our production recovered very quickly to normal levels following the disruption of parts production due to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Our suppliers, purchasing, and production associates made heroic efforts and as a result we are starting production of cars for our customers right on schedule.  

(Jim): Thanks, Wil. We can see right now a new Camry is coming off the production line. It’s the sport version, a red SE.  Let’s take a closer look and talk to the team member driving the car off the line. It happens to be the president of Toyota Motor Corporation, Mr. Akio Toyoda.

(Jim): In the car with Akio Toyoda is Steve St. Angelo, who oversees Toyota’s North American manufacturing operations.  

(Jim): Welcome to Kentucky! 25 years ago your father broke ground on this very site so it’s great to have you here as a new Toyota chapter begins in Kentucky.   

(Akio): Thanks Jim. Hello Team Toyota! I love seeing the excitement you have for this new Camry. With 25 years of manufacturing experience here in Georgetown you are the best in the business! Thank you for your tremendous dedication and for building the industry’s most American-made car.  

The launch of the new Camry is very important to our company. That is why I have come all the way to Kentucky so I can join our team members for this important occasion. This vehicle has become a symbol of Toyota’s success over the years. So, you might say this is an opportunity to show the world again what Toyota is all about.  

In the two short years I have been president of Toyota, my focus has never wavered from one goal:     product, product and product. That’s right, it’s all about simply building great cars and trucks.  

I have personally involved myself in product development and I never compromise until I am satisfied.   And believe me there are times I drive the designers and engineers and some of you here crazy! But it’s a passion that has been reignited throughout our company.  

There is a renewed commitment among everyone at Toyota to the core philosophies that make our company and products great. And because of that, I can introduce the new Camry with 100% confidence. Beneath the beautiful exterior and interior, this car is simply wonderful to drive.  

I personally tested the new Camry until I was satisfied that it out-drove and out-handled its competitors. And without hesitation I can tell you, there’s no comparison.  

When I think about Toyota’s commitment in America, I think about the Camry made here in Kentucky.   We are proud of this car and the people behind it.  We will continue to build great cars like Camry with an even greater dedication to quality, safety and customer care. 

Let me thank Toyota associates, dealers, suppliers–and most of all, our customers all across America for making Toyota what it is today.  I promise you that all of us at Toyota are determined to continue earning the trust and respect of American consumers and the American community.  Thank you.  

(Jim Wiseman): Thank you Akio. Thank you to our satellite broadcast audiences in L.A., Detroit and New York, and to media and friends watching via live webcast. This concludes the live simulcast portion of our program. Our three event sites will have some further remarks by Toyota executives with you there    and they will take your questions. But the real story of the new 2012 Camry is what it’s like behind the wheel. So be sure to take it for a test drive. Thank you.  



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