Building on Toyota’s Safety Pedigree: TSS and LSS+ Third Generation System

Building on Toyota’s Safety Pedigree: TSS and LSS+ Third Generation System

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We have all experienced it. The car in front of you on the road stops short, and your heart skips a beat as you have fractions of a second to respond. More often than not, your quick reactions and instincts prevent an accident, but, as we all know, sometimes things happen too quickly on the road, and you are unable to react fast enough to avoid a crash.

Our solution: an industry-leading accident prevention package – Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) – equipped with Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB). Since being announced in 2015, TSS has become a safety trailblazer, helping pave the way for AEB to become available on many vehicles across the industry. In 2018, we introduced the second generation of TSS, with improved perception and performance, including the ability to detect bicyclists during the day and pedestrians in low-light conditions.

In just five years after its introduction, TSS is now standard on 16 Toyota models, and Lexus includes Lexus Safety System+ (LSS+) as a standard feature on all models, both well ahead of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s September 2022 goal for AEB technology to be available on all vehicles.

We are proud of our recent announcement, the launch of our third-generation safety package, anchored by AEB – LSS+ 2.5. The 2021 Lexus IS was revealed in early June and will include LSS+ 2.5 which expands the suite of safety technology systems such as helping to prevent additional types of collisions, additional emergency steering assist and more. We will continue to evolve TSS and LSS+ to help address traffic accidents and popularize new technologies and to lead the industry toward the goal of a world without traffic fatalities.

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