A Colorful Look at Artwork Inspired by the New 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross

A Colorful Look at Artwork Inspired by the New 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross

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Freedom, versatility and exploration are words that can be associated with the new 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross, a vehicle that gives passengers the opportunity to pursue adventures with the adaptability and durability of an SUV. While those qualities are befitting for the compact crossover, they are also consistent with dedicated artists and their creations. 

As an extension of the “Just Right” Corolla Cross campaign, Brooklyn-based artists Wade and Leta developed a series of art installations titled “Paint Your Own Path” in collaboration with Toyota to highlight the first-ever Corolla Cross. They took their creative lens and transformed the campaign with sculptures full of patterns and colors. 

Wade Jeffree and Leta Sobierajski — a couple who share a taste for quirky aesthetics and crisp design — combine traditional graphic design elements with photography, art and styling to create utterly unique visuals. Their work is incredibly diverse, ranging from conventional identities to brilliantly extraordinary compositions. 

Sobierajski describes the sculptures as precarious because of the way the spheres and cubes are stacked on each other, but the way that they align feels just right. The fun colors give the sculptures a feel of freedom, and the size makes them seem larger than life.   

The art installation for Corolla Cross gradually grew over the course of three months at Toyota-sponsored music festivals. Their installation began at the Shaky Knees festival on April 29 in Atlanta with two sculptures — and from there the art continued to grow with two added sculptures at the Lovers & Friends music festival in Las Vegas on May 14 and a fifth sculpture at Bonnaroo in Manchester, Tennessee on June 16. To complete their tour, the art installation at Bonnaroo included a wrapped Corolla Cross with their design.  

“The sculptures are designed so that you can walk in and around them,” says Jeffree. “It’s about going off the beaten path and finding something new and exploring that serendipity of travel when you’re in a car that can go anywhere.” 

From Sculptures to Murals 

Additionally, Toyota’s recent “Just Right” campaign extension featured local influencer artists: Trav MSK in Los Angeles, Joseph “Sentrock” Perez in Chicago and ELLE in New York City. 

ELLE’s Corolla Cross and mural in New York City

“My piece was focused on my favorite parts of New York City, which is the bright lights, reflections and finding beauty in the darkness,” said ELLE. “From my zoomed in perspective of life in the city, it was fun to take that inspiration and translate it both onto the vehicle as well as the wall in a way the encapsulates the beauty.” 

For the activation, each artist was asked to create a unique and meaningful mural inspired by their respective city — while tying in Toyota. Additionally, a Corolla Cross was custom wrapped with a design reflecting the artist’s signature style to further amplify the partnership. 

“The inspiration for all my work is documenting how technology is pushing business out of the physical space,” says Trav, who hides his face and prefers to let his artwork speak for itself. “And with this one specifically, I wanted to create something that almost felt like a road trip within the composition of the wall that it was going to live on. 

Trav MSK’s Corolla Cross and mural in Los Angeles

With the vehicle, I wanted to create something that was a little bit more like the product. I wanted to have glimpses of the mural, but I didn’t want to pull the mural off and put it on the car because what works on a wall doesn’t necessarily work on a vehicle.” 

In Chicago, Sentrock’s custom-wrapped car was parked outside the famed Wrigley Field baseball stadium for a couple of weeks to highlight Toyota’s ongoing partnership with the Chicago Cubs. For him, being able to create murals and display his artwork is a privilege. He also believes art can make a difference. 

Sentrock’s Corolla Cross and mural in Chicago

“Chicago creatives, we have the key to the city,” he says. “If you’re honest and you have people who support you, it’s going to open a lot of doors. Artists are able to transcend so many different social levels. We’re able to unlock a lot of those challenges with our art.” 

The creative works of the participating artists exemplified the Corolla Cross ethos — freedom in the form of artistic expression, versatility in unique perspectives and visual exploration for viewers. The murals represented the artists’ hometown appeal while staying true to their artistic roots and points of view — similar to how the new Corolla Cross complements the ever-popular sedan. Simply put, the creative artwork and the compact crossover are both extensions of beloved places and trusted legacies. 

“Collaborating with these talented artists was the perfect way to elevate the 2022 Corolla Cross,” says Ann Dragovits, media manager for integrated marketing operations at Toyota Motor North America. “Their creative works illustrate what the SUV represents: boldness, versatility, and the freedom to move while also pulling inspiration from each artist’s local community. This partnership was a testament to our commitment to support initiatives, organizations and efforts in the community that are important to our customers and authentic to the Toyota brand.” Check out the slideshow below to discover the inspiring “Just Right” murals and “Paint Your Own Path” sculptures that were on display: 

Check out the slideshow below to discover the inspiring “Just Right” murals that were on display this past spring:

Wade and Leta, Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival

ELLE, New York City

ELLE, New York City

Sentrock, Chicago

Sentrock, Chicago

Trav MSK, Los Angeles

Trav MSK, Los Angeles

For a behind the scenes look at each mural, check out each artist on Instagram:

Originally published June 14, 2022


Updated on August 4, 2022

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