A high-definition screen, wireless features and ultimate connectivity make the new infotainment system faster and more convenient for drivers. Want to know more? We break it down for you.

Remember manually cranking the car’s clock at the change of the season? Or in some cases, riding around with the wrong time for months on end? Seems like a relic of the past. Luckily, those obsolete tasks caused by daylight savings time are long gone. That’s just one of many examples of how much technology has improved in car systems over the years.

Today, those advancements continue in Toyota’s new Audio Multimedia System and Connected Services. From mobile apps that can connect to a driver’s vehicle and save their favorite temperature to improved Bluetooth connectivity — upgraded and enhanced multimedia features abound in the latest Toyota models.

See what else is new and improved thanks to this intuitive, easy-to-use system.

Bigger, Better and No Glare

An available 14-inch smartphone-like touchscreen allows for intuitive and simple interaction with the new system. The high-definition screen (without glare!) allows for easy-to-touch functionality, smart controls, and simple functionality. The system’s main menu is now on the left side and makes it all extremely easy to use. The system’s intuitive design approach makes storing favorite music stations a breeze. Just press the heart button and it’ll be added to your favorites list. Searching for a specific music genre? The menu will show drivers what stations play their favorites.

With Connected Services activated and the available Drive Connect Cloud Navigation, the crisp and clear map screen can be explored with zoom, pan and tilt functionality with intuitive touch control.

The cloud navigation includes Google Point-Of-Interest search capability, so navigating to a favorite destination has never been easier and you can also share your ETA with contacts in your phone book. Being Wi-Fi capable allows for system and navigation updates to be installed “over-the-air” so the vehicle will always be up to date. New roads constructed? OTA updates will allow the map to include those too.

Help Only A ‘Hey Toyota’ Away

“Hey, Hi, Hello, Okay Toyota” – the new Voice Assistant was designed by Toyota Connected and it’s a game changer. The feature allows for natural language conversation and helps with in-car functions such as changing audio settings or the climate control in select models.

When the available Drive Connect service is activated during trial or subscription periods, the Intelligent Assistant adds even more functionality, such as searching for nearby coffee shops or providing sports or weather information — all by simply making a verbal request.

All drivers have to do is say, “Hey Toyota!” and it tells the driver where to go or what to do.

Goodbye Annoying AUX Cord

Who knew an aux cord could drive someone so crazy? Spoiler alert: Toyota Connected designers did. This new system features wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto standard, so no more plugging in phones to connect to those options.

Hello Better Connection

Ever sat in the driveway frustrated while trying to pair a device? Here’s some good news. The new system is faster and comes with better connection via Bluetooth. Up to five devices can be paired – two at the same time! Now drivers and their passengers won’t have to figure out whose phone is paired, try and disconnect, then re-pair, etc. 

More Mobile Control Options

One of the coolest features involves the Toyota mobile app. It builds on an existing function allowing drivers to start the car from their phone. Now with user profiles, drivers can store preferred vehicle settings via the Toyota app. With the user profile paired to either a smartphone device or the vehicle’s smart key, the settings such as music and screen display preferences will automatically be recognized when a driver returns to the vehicle. No more having to readjust everything each time a different person gets behind the wheel, which saves time and, honestly, energy.

The user profiles are also transferrable, so drivers can bring their favorite settings to any Toyota vehicle with the new multimedia system.

Connected, Connected, Connected

There’s also a streaming feature now for Apple Music and Amazon Music via Wi-Fi Connect, so no matter the service, it can be part of the display when the driver enters their vehicle. The mega touchscreen makes it easy to search via genre for a radio station, then favorite it so it’s not lost.

With these convenient upgrades, this new system is certainly putting the “go” in “on-the-go” lifestyle.

The 2022 Toyota Tundra is the first Toyota model to include this all-new system. But stay tuned, as other models will join soon.

Originally published November 4, 2021

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