TORRANCE, Calif., August 12, 2010 — Toyota Motor Sales (TMS), USA, Inc., has launched a new “Stories from the Road” minisite, designed to provide a place for owners to share their Toyota product experiences.
Over the years, Toyota owners have had many varied experiences with their vehicles. These range from longevity or high mileage accomplishments, to extreme use adventure stories. Now these owners can post their stories for others to read and enjoy. Here are a few examples:
“I was hoping to see if others had mileage like I have, and am delighted to see someone with 285,000 on their 2003 Prius! I took mine in this morning for its 200,000 checkup, and am aiming for 400,000 at least…”
“I purchased my 1998 Tacoma PreRunner V-6 automatic with all the options available at the time. I now have 119K miles on the truck and it still looks and rides like the day I got it…”
“Bought this Camry new in 1995. It currently has 300,250 miles and going strong. 4 cylinders and handles the mountains with ease. Front wheel drive makes snow driving a pleasure. What a great car…”
Owners who wish to share their stories can log onto the website, then go to the “For Owners” tab, and click on the “Owners Homepage” tab. After landing on the Owners Homepage, they can select the “Toyota Community” tab. The “Stories from the Road” section is organized into three segments. Owners can post their story in the Truck, Hybrid or Cars/Van/SUV areas.
So far, more than 400 owners have posted stories about their vehicles. These are real stories from real owners.
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