When You Can’t Find the Words, Talk Trash with FanMojis

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You could talk trash to your friends using words. But that seems like a throwback to the days when Big Games were denoted using Roman Numerals and an arbitrary bowl system decided college football's king.

And Toyota isn’t about moving backward, even for fandom. No, Toyota is about going forward, and giving sports fans a new way to talk smack when their team thrashes their opponents.

Maybe you’re paying more attention to  than  , but that doesn’t mean a  can stop your   from its destiny as a .

And then, when your offense gets the ball back, it’s a simple case of    all the way to . Because your receivers don’t have . They go across the middle.

So, Toyota is proud to introduce FanMojis, a custom keyboard consisting of hyper-specific sports emojis that allow fans to own the sports conversation and visually express their feelings at peak emotional moments of a game.

To complement the new emoji app, multiple broadcast spots are rolling out through October to show how dedicated sports fans go places. The campaign takes a look at how being a sports fan means putting a little of yourself into something to go that extra mile. That extra mile is where Toyota believes IT happens – the rush, the nail biting, the stranger hugging. And in this campaign, Toyota is celebrating the fans that put their all into sports for the connection it fosters with others.

You can download the app now in the Apple store and view the first of four sports fandom spots here. #FanMojis


Nick Ammazzalorso
Marketing Communications Manager


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