The Toyota Sienna is more than a great car. It can be life changing.

For consumers with disabilities, a Sienna with special wheelchair accessibility modifications helps provide the freedom to move, granting them not only greater independence, but also the access they need to accomplish their goals. This versatile and spacious vehicle has given countless parents with disabled children the peace-of-mind to safely transport their children to school and extracurricular activities. It has become a crucial tool for the elderly who can easily enter and exit the car, allowing them the mobility required to go about their daily lives – to the store, doctor’s appointments or social activities.

The modified wheelchair accessible Sienna is a strong symbol of Toyota’s vision for “Mobility for All” and the company’s desire to offer ubiquitous mobility solutions to everyone to ensure an increasingly inclusive and mobile society.

The Sienna was first introduced in 1998 in North America as a transportation solution for growing families. Five years later, Toyota realized that the vehicle size and shape were well suited for conversion to provide individuals with disabilities solutions to meet their varying mobility needs. Since mobility needs range widely, third party conversion companies including BraunAbility (formerly Braun and IMS), in 2003, and Vantage Mobility International, in 2012, formed relationships with Toyota to customize Siennas and provide solutions tailored to match specific consumer needs, such as lowering the floor of the vehicle to improve wheelchair accessibility and adding ramps or lifts.

Today, it is not only Toyota owners with wheelchair accessibility needs who recognize the power of movement that the Sienna provides. Rehabilitation specialists, who teach people how to drive with a disability, often make recommendations on which vehicle they believe to be best suited to the needs of their clients. The Toyota Sienna is a clear favorite.

While modified Siennas provide those with disabilities the freedom necessary to get to where they need to go, owners also appreciate the fact that the Sienna offers Toyota’s renown quality, durability and reliability. They also like the latest connected technologies as available features.

Toyota believes in equality of access through mobility and the Sienna is a prime example of this. The transformation of the Sienna from a spacious family-friendly people mover to a vehicle that provides freedom of movement and access reflects Toyota’s commitment to advance mobility for all.

Originally published July 21, 2020

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