Team Millen and Rally RAV4 to Compete in NASA Rally Sport National Championship

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Empire State Performance Rally Will Crown Victor in Winner-Take-All Showdown

Torrance, Calif., October 27, 2016— A winner-take-all format has pros and cons, but for fans of rally, a single race national championship sure is exciting.  This weekend, at NASA Rally Sport’s Empire State Performance Rally (ESPR) in Narrowsburg, N.Y., Ryan Millen, Christina Fate and the Rally RAV4 are hoping to finish on a winning note by capturing the 2WD national championship. NASA Rally Sport requires competitors to qualify to compete, so only those that meet the criteria are eligible to take part.
Despite having raced the Rally America season finale just two weeks ago, Millen and team are feeling confident and ready to get back in the driver’s seat.
“We’re moving forward since Lake Superior,” said Millen.  “We’ll be back in the car and pushing.”
With nearly 20 National Championship competitors and a total of over 45 in both Regional and National competition, ESPR still brings with it some bragging rights.  Cars from seven different makes will be competing in the 2WD Class, giving the team good and varied competition.
“We’re pretty much ready,” said navigator, Fate. “We’re ready to get back on the horse and back in the car.  It’s a great opportunity to finish on a high note.”
The crew has been preparing the car mostly outside with temperatures in the 30s, while Millen and Fate continue to move the needle forward with improvements to their pace notes system.  It’s another new rally for the team, so they need to be prepared for anything and everything.  This last rally race of the season for Millen and the Rally RAV4 is a great opportunity.
“We’re focused on what’s next.  If it was easy, everyone would do it,” said Millen. “In terms of driving pace, I like being at that 110 percent.  We’re getting better and faster.”
ESPR is a rally that typically has heavy representation from Europe and Latin America, in addition to the American regulars. The rally takes place on generally narrow roads surfaced in gravel and hard-packed dirt.
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