Summer Travel Safety 101: Getting Your Ride Road Trip Ready
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As the weather warms and summer travel starts, more roadway users emerge, including motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians. The best way to get road ready? Try to expect the unexpected and pay particular attention at intersections.

In addition, there are certain habits that can help drivers share space.

Motoring with motorcycles
Distance yourself. Motorcycles are lighter than cars, and they can downshift to slow so brake lights don’t always show. In short, give room to the vroom.

Signal, signal, signal. Be honest about your intentions and broadcast them to everyone on the road.

Look three ways on freeways (and everywhere else). Changing lanes or turning?  Reduce risk by looking three ways – rear view, side view and head check — before making your move.

Collaborating with bicycles
Pass politely. Wait to pass the cyclist until you have a clear view ahead and there’s no oncoming traffic.

Recognize road racket. A cyclist hears far more on the roadway than a driver in car with the windows rolled up. Don’t assume they can hear you approaching against the din and be sure to give them their own space.

Stepping up for Pedestrians
Respect the crosswalk. Stop for those strolling across a crosswalk, even if it is unmarked. Stay well back so other drivers can see them too.

Weather warning. Pedestrians can be hard to see, especially at night or in bad weather. Keep a sharp eye and don’t go thundering down the road.

Beware of children.  Take care around schools and neighborhoods where children are active. Children running and playing at a summer campground, park or beach can be oblivious to vehicles, so make sure to walk around your car before getting in and backing out of a driveway or parking spot.


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2015 Toyota Summer Driving Tips

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