Ryan Millen and 2016 RAV4 SE Storm Into Second Rally America Race of Season

Torrance, Calif., March 18, 2016 — Fresh off the Sandblast Rally win in the NASA Rally Sport series less than two weeks ago, Ryan Millen and his Toyota RAV4 SE are preparing to take on 100 Acre Wood in Salem, Mo. this Friday and Saturday. A solid 60-plus field should present some good competition for the durable and capable RAV4.

Millen is currently sitting in second place for the championship, after a solid finish earlier this year at Sno*Drift. Interestingly, Millen’s father, racing legend Rod Millen, has won 100 Acre Wood back-to-back in 1981 and 1982.

Clearly rallying is in Ryan’s blood, but he approaches everything with a long-term vision, versus a single-minded approach to each race.

“We’re keeping the whole season in mind,” said Millen. “Even if we find someone out there faster than us, we’re going for the championship.”

Navigator and fiancée, Christina Fate, also plays a critical role. This race has plenty of gravel, different than the snow and sand of the last two rallies.

“I’m excited to be back on gravel,” said Fate. “Plus, it’s a two day rally, which I think plays to our favor.”

Weather is supposed to be unpredictable with the possibility of rain, shine, and even snow. This will also be the first time the team is racing on a control tire, marking the first time Millen has driven on the tire. But that’s just a part of the overall challenge to Millen.

“I feel a bit of rallying is going into the unknown and going for it,” smiles Millen. “You wouldn’t drive as fast if you thought about all the ‘gotchas!’”

More information on the Rally RAV4 program can be found at www.RallyRAV4.com.

Information on 110 Acre Wood and the Rally America series can be found at www.100AW.org and www.Rally-America.com.


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