Toyota City, Japan, November 10, 2011—Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) signed a memorandum of understanding today with Intel Corporation to begin joint research on next-generation in-vehicle multimedia systems* that would replace current navigation systems.

The joint research with Intel, experienced in information communication technologies, will target appropriate methods of providing information to drivers through in-vehicle systems, as well as information technologies that would enable seamless communication between on-board information systems and nearby information systems.

The amount of information exchanged between cars and drivers is expected to increase due to expanding demand for traffic information, destination searches, radar cruise control and other driving support functions. In response, Toyota and Intel will conduct research on vehicle-driver interfaces that do not interfere with driving.

With Wi-Fi and other various data transmission methods constantly improving, Toyota and Intel will research communication technologies to improve connectivity between cars and widely used information equipment, such as smartphones.

Furthermore, the two companies will research connectivity technologies and effective ways to seamlessly integrate cars with other aspects of people’s lives, including homes.

*In-vehicle systems that provide the user with a multitude of information. Beginning with in-vehicle radio and evolving to current-generation navigation systems, integration with smartphones, home appliances and other energy management systems is expected to be the next stage of evolution for the technology


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