Greatness Continues: Toyota’s Most Recognized Name Adds New Crossover to the Lineup

Greatness Continues: Toyota’s Most Recognized Name Adds New Crossover to the Lineup

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There’s a new addition rolling into the Corolla family. One of the best-selling and most well-known compact cars in the world is lending its name to the newest compact crossover vehicle in the entry SUV segment, the 2022 Corolla Cross. The same level of greatness that made the Corolla a staple in its class can now be experienced by Corolla-loyal customers seeking a compact SUV that suits their lifestyles.

“When you are working with a nameplate that is iconic and synonymous with things like value and safety, and you’re creating a crossover that is also built around those ideals, it makes sense to carry on that nameplate,” says Erin Doughty, a planner in Vehicle Marketing and Communications at Toyota. “And so, we definitely plan on leveraging the Corolla fame and that name that is associated with all those great things.”

Name of the Game

Living up to a name with a reputation for dependability and great fuel efficiency ratings is a tall order, but the Corolla Cross is poised to follow that same promising path the Corolla sedan has blazed for decades.

“There’s been 50 years’ worth of Corolla, as well as millions of units that we’ve manufactured – many of which are still on the road today,” says Florence Drakton, a product marketing manager at Toyota. “So, that’s definitely a very strong foundation, which we have heard over and over again across our research, as well as from our customers themselves.”

With sought-after amenities and coveted features that mirror the sedan, the crossover is designed to meet and hopefully exceed the standards that Corolla customers have come to love and expect.

“The interior is definitely inspired by the Corolla sedan,” says Doughty. “So, when you look at the dashboard, that area of the interior is very similar, in many ways identical, to what you see in the sedan.”

Drakton adds, “People have also been very surprised at how well-appointed the interior is, not only the fit and finished materials but also the roominess. And that really sets us apart from our competitors.”

That spaciousness is one of the standout details of the Corolla Cross. Passengers who appreciate extra leg room will find the cabin spacious and comfortable while the exceptional cargo capacity offers plenty of room to bring along all of your gear.

Powerful Versatility

The roominess isn’t the only thing that puts this crossover vehicle on the right track; the drivetrain is available in both front-wheel drive (FWD) and all-wheel drive (AWD) configurations — a first for Toyota’s entry SUV segment offering.

“We can now speak to the over 50% of consumers who are shopping for an entry SUV that end up choosing an all-wheel drive vehicle,” says Doughty. “We previously couldn’t do that. So, that’s really exciting.”

That versatility is available in all three grades of the Corolla Cross–L, LE and XLE. No matter what grade or drivetrain customers choose, they can expect high-quality performance at every turn.

Lifestyle Adaptability

Like the Corolla, the sister crossover vehicle is similarly equipped with quality interior and distinctive exterior styling to accommodate customers’ lifestyles and take them wherever they want to go in style and comfort.

“We’d like to think of Corolla Cross as a partner on our customers’ journey,” explains Emily Najera, a team member for Vehicle Marketing and Communications at Toyota. “They’re moving up into a new career or new apartment and they’re on a journey in life. And we think that they’re going to feel accomplished — that they made a great decision and purchased something that’s going to help them progress in life.”

Whether it’s making a move to a new city or going on a scenic getaway, the Corolla Cross is designed to help customers reach their destinations with ease.

A New Crown Jewel

With a name like Corolla, the 2022 Corolla Cross has a celebrated heritage to build upon. Thanks to its dynamic design, dependability, great fuel efficiency ratings and advanced technology, it is well positioned to become the new crown jewel of the road.

“We are carrying on this iconic nameplate,” says Drakton. “So, people are going to recognize that, it’s going to spark interest and then, once they’re actually experience and drive it, they’ll see how fantastic of a vehicle it is.”

The compact crossover is carrying on a trusted legacy that will hopefully be around for generations to come.

“We’re excited to expand the Corolla family lineup,” Drakton adds. “And we don’t go very far without sticking close with that family. We have all different sizes and shapes of Corollas to choose from. And Corolla Cross adds to that Corolla family lineup. It adds, again, to that versatility and functionality.”

Find more information on the 2022 Corolla Cross here.

Originally published February 28, 2022

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