Toyota recently stepped up as the first automotive brand in the U.S. to host a vehicle giveaway dance contest on the short form, video-sharing social platform, TikTok, with the “#CorollaCrossStep Challenge.”

The duet dance challenge taps into entertaining trends and an enormous TikTok community user base to promote Toyota’s first-ever Corolla Cross. More than 1 million people participated and as part of the contest, three dancers were awarded a brand new 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross. These winning dancers, and their moves, helped launch Toyota’s TikTok brand channel on July 15.

“The #CorollaCrossStep challenge was an authentic way for Toyota to engage with the TikTok community and build awareness of the first-ever Corolla Cross,” says Lisa Materazzo, group vice president, Marketing, Toyota Motor North America. “The Corolla Cross giveaway provided the perfect opportunity to launch Toyota’s TikTok brand channel and start turning TikTokers into brand ambassadors.”

The dance challenge featured dance phenom and TikTok star Aubrey Fisher who also appeared in Toyota television ads for the new vehicle. With the help of seven other creators, Aubrey helped kick off the contest with a custom dance challenge that launched on March 1 and lasted 30 days.

Fisher participated in a vehicle giveaway, surprising the first-place winner, Starr Godfrey, with her new Corolla Cross in Detroit for a special “live” collab to celebrate. The dance duet video went live on July 15th as a part of the launch of Toyota’s new TikTok channel.

“My experience working with Toyota on the #CorollaCrossStep challenge was beyond amazing,” says Fisher. “The opportunity to be a part of Toyota’s first TikTok vehicle giveaway contest still blows my mind to this day. I’m extremely grateful to Toyota for the experience. And meeting Starr, getting to present her with the brand-new vehicle she won and sharing in her excitement was a whole lot of fun! This was such a positive experience that made so many people happy and spread love and joy across social media.”

This campaign was a collaboration among agency partners Saatchi & Saatchi, Burrell Communications, Conill Advertising, and US Sweepstakes and Fulfillment Company. The winning Crosssteppers were judged based on dance skill, creativity and entertainment value.

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Originally published July 18, 2022

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