Koji Sato

  • President
    Toyota Motor Corporation

Koji Sato joined Toyota Motor Corporation in April of 1992.

Sato’s career started in the Technology Administration Division before he moved into product development where he led a team that developed the suspension design of the first-generation Prius and Vista sedan. His next major assignment was the development of the North American Camry sedan in 2003. In 2006, Sato moved to Lexus where he worked as Assistant Chief Engineer on the GS sedan.

Six years later, Sato was put in charge of managing the development of a new platform for Lexus that would underpin its top models. As part of that program, he also oversaw the creation of the Lexus LC Concept. The dynamic coupe was so well received that it was quickly greenlit for production. Sato remained with the program as Chief Engineer of the LC production vehicle before he was assigned to larger managerial roles at Lexus. In January of 2020, Sato was named President of Lexus International. Later that year, he was also given responsibility for leading the GAZOO Racing Company as President.

In April of 2023, Sato became President of Toyota Motor Corporation.

Sato was born on October 19, 1969. He graduated from Waseda University in 1992 with a degree in mechanical engineering.

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