Some pets love coming along for the ride so why not help make a vehicle as cozy and safe as can be for the family’s favorite fur baby? In celebration of National Pet Parents Day, here are some tips and accessories for owners to keep in mind to help pets enjoy their time in the family Toyota ride.

Toyota is offering Kurgo® pet product accessories to provide a variety of pet accessories that make traveling with your fur baby more comfortable and secure.


To help secure a safe backseat boundary, there is a Kurgo® Backseat Barrier. The barrier attaches to the backs of the front seats to help keep that furry precious cargo where they belong in the rear seat area. Rest assured that the mesh top allows pets to keep their owners within viewing distance.

Kurgo® Back Seat Barrier shown in a Lexus vehicle but available for select Toyota vehicles as well.

The Kurgo® Heather Booster Seat provides a cozy seat for a pet to stay tethered in and away from the driver’s lap while still being able to keep a lookout during the ride. The booster seat installs easily, collapses for convenient storage, and the integrated tether can be attached to the dog’s harness to be used with a vehicle seatbelt.

Interior Protection from Drool, Dander and Scratchy Paws

Sometimes curious pets can cause drool and paw-scratch damage in a vehicle. In that case, reach for the Kurgo® Wander Bench Seat Cover to help protect your vehicle interior from scratching and other damage. The seat cover is simple to install with top, middle, rear and under seat attachments to help keep it from slipping off. Plus, the handy pockets are perfect for storing treats and toys.

Kurgo® Back Seat Barrier + Bench Seat Cover available for Toyota models

Vehicle seats can also be magnets for hair, dander, dirt and other grimy unintended gifts from furry friends. Choose from the cargo cape or hammock product options to help keep things clean. The design and functionality of the cover accessory options provide secure attachment mechanisms, can accommodate 50/50 seat splits, and continued usage of seatbelts.

Staying Healthy and Hydrated

Road trips aren’t complete without snacks and refreshments. Luckily, the Toyota pet products include options to keep four-legged passengers hydrated and fed.

The Collaps a Bowl’s compact design makes it easy to fit in vehicle storage compartments (or anywhere else that’s handy) and holds 24 ounces of water or food. For solid-food nibbles, there’s the Collaps a Bowl Kibble Carrier to hold pet treats and snacks.

The Kurgo® Gourd Water Bottle and Bowl is perfect for those who want to pack light. The top slides open and has a plastic cup that snaps onto the bottom allowing owners to drink from the top and pets to drink from the bottom. Everybody’s happy and hydrated!

There’s no need to leave furry companions at home. With the proper pet accessories for comfort and security, the next road trip can be easier — and mess-free. Happy travels to everyone along for the ride, including the beloved pet!

To learn more about Toyota Accessory Pet Products go to or contact your local Toyota dealer.

Disclaimer: Accessories shown are not designed, manufactured or evaluated by Toyota. Installation may impact your vehicle’s warranty. The accessories shown are not warranted by Toyota and Toyota disclaims all liability therefor. For information on the applicable third-party warranty, go to

Originally published April 28, 2023

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