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The Newsroom Connection answers that call. It’s the newest communication tool being used to keep Toyota and Lexus fans and followers up to date on the latest and greatest across both brands — all in one place.

The best part? It’s delivered straight to your inbox. That’s right – Newsroom Connection is delivered directly to you and has everything you need to know about Toyota and Lexus. From the latest product launches to inspiring brand and corporate initiatives, this newsletter puts you in the driver’s seat. Simply put, it’s a streamlined story hub — the perfect complement to the Toyota and Lexus newsrooms.

Still unsure if you should sign up? Well, here are four reasons why you should subscribe to Newsroom Connection.

More Than Cars

Does the Newsroom Connection bring readers the latest updates on Toyota and Lexus’ beloved vehicles? Absolutely! But that’s not all it offers. From community-outreach initiatives to insightful interviews with Toyota and Lexus executives and employees, readers get an insider’s look that goes beyond cars, SUVs, trucks and hybrids.

Where else can subscribers read about how Toyota is contributing to local communities across the country, helping expand pollinator habitats, working with partners to expand the online buying experience, or how Lexus approached manufacturing its first-ever plug-in hybrid? The Newsroom Connection has it all. Consider it a behind-the-scenes look to all-things Toyota and Lexus.

Easy to Navigate

Newsroom Connection brings readers the top feature stories from the Toyota and Lexus newsrooms in one place, providing a summary of the most relevant content from both websites, to help guide readers straight to interesting and unique information.

It’s a convenient and simplified way to get all the top news and content. Plus, readers who missed out on previous stories on the website can find helpful links at their fingertips.

Stories You Can Use

Newsroom Connection aims to connect you with useful, interesting and possibly surprising stories and tidbits about Toyota and Lexus. Once a month, readers will receive company information that hopefully inspires, entertains, and educates along the way.

Learn Something New

Ever heard about how Lexus has dedicated decades of research to making its exterior paint options unique? Or about how the Million Mile Tundra impacted today’s new-generation truck? These kinds of stories are what drive Newsroom Connection.

The newsletter helps eliminates the need to search for the latest updates because they’ll be sent straight to your inbox. Readers can learn about the latest innovations and get the details on Toyota’s and Lexus’ most recent mobility transformation goals.

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Originally published August 18, 2022

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