2021 Toyota Mirai

2021 Toyota Mirai

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Beauty, technology and a hint of the future come together in Toyota’s new flagship sedan, the all-new 2021 Mirai. Toyota has fully rebooted the Mirai as a premium rear-wheel drive sports-luxury FCEV with striking design, cutting-edge technology, more engaging driving performance and a significantly longer EPA-estimated range rating. The model name, which means future in Japanese, is wholly appropriate, as the 2021 Mirai is powered by the latest evolution of the brand’s advanced fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) powertrain. The body is lower, longer, and wider, with its bolder stance accentuated by standard 19-inch alloy wheels.

A more powerful fuel cell system provides a more engaging driving experience than its pioneering forerunner. The rear-wheel drive layout and four-wheel independent suspension deliver a true sports-luxury sedan driving feel, with greater handling agility than before, yet also with a more comfortable ride.

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MY21 Mirai Limited Black B_ROLL

MY21 Mirai Limited Oxygen White B_ROLL

MY21 Mirai_Interior_Black_Copper B_Roll

MY21 Mirai_Interior_Black-Silver B_Roll

MY21 Mirai_Interior_White-Brown_Copper B_Roll

MY21 Mirai_Interior_White-Brown_Silver B_Roll

MY21 Mirai_XLE_Red B_Roll

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