2021 Toyota C-HR

2021 Toyota C-HR

What happens when Toyota designers blend sport coupe, hatchback and compact crossover? The boldly expressive, fun to drive and utterly unique C-HR happens. The C-HR’s standout design for 2021 is just as edgy – with the new introduction of a Nightshade edition and so much more. This includes newly standard Toyota Safety Sense 2.5 for C-HR across all trims. The Toyota C-HR broke new design ground for the automaker, which applied new manufacturing techniques to take a highly sculpted concept-car body design into production while preserving its essence. The result melds sport coupe personality with crossover versatility. With this, it only made sense to take that versatility just one step further – enter C-HR Nightshade Edition.

2021_Toyota_CHR_Blizzard Pearl_01

2021_Toyota_CHR_Blizzard Pearl_02

2021_Toyota_CHR_Blizzard Pearl_03

2021_Toyota_CHR_Blizzard Pearl_04

2021_Toyota_CHR_Blizzard Pearl_05

2021_Toyota_CHR_Blizzard Pearl_06

2021_Toyota_CHR_Blizzard Pearl_07

2021_Toyota_CHR_Blizzard Pearl_08

2021_Toyota_CHR_Blizzard Pearl_09

2021_Toyota_CHR_Blizzard Pearl_10

2021_Toyota_CHR_Blizzard Pearl_011

2021_Toyota_CHR_Blizzard Pearl_012







2021_Toyota_CHR_Limited Interior_01

2021_Toyota_CHR_Supersonic Red_01

2021_Toyota_CHR_Supersonic Red_02

2021_Toyota_CHR_Supersonic Red_03

2021_Toyota_CHR_Supersonic Red_04

2021_Toyota_CHR_Supersonic Red_05

2021_Toyota_CHR_Supersonic Red_06

2021_Toyota_CHR_Supersonic Red_07

2021_Toyota_CHR_Supersonic Red_08

2021_Toyota_CHR_Supersonic Red_09

2021_Toyota_CHR_Supersonic Red_010

2021_Toyota_CHR_Supersonic Red_011

2021_Toyota_CHR_Blizzard Pearl_B-roll

2021_Toyota_CHR_Supersonic Red_B-roll

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