Toyota Motor Corporation Issues Statement on Impact of Kobe Steel Announcements

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Toyota Motor Corporation issued a statement and provided an update regarding its investigation into the impact of Kobe Steel’s recent announcements on improper conduct related to materials used in vehicle bodies, specifically for Toyota and Lexus vehicles. The ongoing, initial phase of investigation has been focused on aluminum plates based on the information received from Kobe Steel on October 8, 2017. Toyota has confirmed that the affected aluminum plates were used in the construction of hoods, rear hatch, and front door hinge components of certain vehicles.
Additionally, based on Toyota’s analysis of the new information provided by Kobe Steel, it was confirmed that the aluminum plates satisfy applicable both statutory regulatory standards and Toyota’s own internal standards for key safety and durability performance requirements in affected vehicles. Toyota’s internal standards meet or exceed those defined by law.
Outside of this investigation, the company continues efforts to identify the full impact of all of Kobe Steel’s announcements to date, including non-aluminum materials purchased directly from Kobe Steel or in the form of components via suppliers used in Toyota vehicles, such as copper tubes, steel wires, steel powder, etc.
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