TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Continues to Imagine ‘Ever Better’ Sports Cars With Its Latest GR Lineup

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Continues to Imagine ‘Ever Better’ Sports Cars With Its Latest GR Lineup

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GAZOO. Ga-zoo. The word comes from the Japanese word “gazō,” meaning “image” or “picture.” When Toyota created its motorsports and performance division, GAZOO Racing, in 2007, the automaker had a vision: future garages filled with “ever-better cars.”

Since its beginning, GAZOO Racing’s team of drivers and mechanics have taken that vision to astounding heights. From Nürburgring to Le Mans, the team has competed in some of the world’s most grueling endurance races, amassing many podium finishes, including five straight LeMans championships.

The challenges and triumphs of each racecourse continue to inform the designs and engineering of GAZOO Racing’s performance cars: GR86, GR Supra and GR Corolla.

The GR lineup offers something for every sports-car enthusiast. Those looking to take their first leap into the world of performance vehicles may be drawn to the affordable, precision handling GR86, with a 2.4-liter, 228 horsepower engine. For those craving a bit more muscle from their coupe, the GR Supra’s 3.0-liter, 382 horsepower engine delivers the extra punch. And for those looking for a rowdy, hot hatch the first-ever GR Corolla brings surprising power in a compact, stylish package.

As avid racing enthusiasts themselves, the GAZOO Racing team is dedicated to building cars that embrace the true thrill of road racing. This passion has inspired several new options for the 2023 model lineup, including a limited-edition GR86 10th Anniversary Special Edition with a model-exclusive striking Solar Shift orange paint color and a roaring cat-back performance exhaust. The GR team has also pleased fans with the long-awaited dynamic element of a GR Supra manual transmission for the 2023 model year.

With the first-ever GR Corolla added to the lineup for 2023, fans of four-door vehicles are no longer excluded from the thrills of GAZOO Racing. As Toyota’s first “hot hatch,” the GR Corolla has garnered excitement in rally-racing communities across the world. It has also piqued the excitement of one very special driver: Akio Toyoda, president of Toyota Motor Company. Despite his title, Toyoda is better known in the racing world as his pseudonym, “Morizo,” as he is also a competing member and Master Driver of the GAZOO Racing team. Morizo has not only given the GR Corolla his signature of approval, but he’s also personally signed the shift knobs of all launch-year Circuit Edition models.

Originally published September 7, 2022

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