Corolla’s 50th Anniversary Exhibit Includes All 11 Generations 

TORRANCE, Calif., (November 1, 2016)No single nameplate in the world has sold more units globally than the Toyota Corolla, and never before has Toyota gathered every generation of the storied sedan in one location. To celebrate the 50th Anniversary, Toyota has brought together all 11 generations of the Corolla for its 2016 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show display.
The Toyota Corolla has powered more memories, milestones and moments than any other car. The modest subcompact sedan was an instant hit when it was first introduced in Japan in 1966. A couple of years later, in 1968, Corolla made its debut in the U.S. and within a year worldwide sales soared over the one million unit mark. Today, Toyota sells approximately 1.5 million Corollas globally each year.
“This is a truly special exhibit,” said Dawn Mercer, National Small Car Manager, Toyota Motor Sales. “To gather all 11 generations of the Corolla in the same place at the same time, including two new 2017 models among the 15 Corollas in the exhibit, is historical. SEMA inspires imagination and progress in automotive enthusiasts. Looking at the full Corolla story drives it home. This is the perfect occasion and space for this reunion.”
The outdoor patio area of Toyota’s SEMA display showcases one vehicle from each generation of the Corolla, including:
·                First generation: 1970 1200 2-Door Wagon
·                Second generation: 1974 Toyota Corolla SR5 Coupe
·                Third generation: 1975 SR5 Sport Coupe
·                Fourth generation: 1983 SR5 4-Door Sedan
·                Fifth generation: 1985 GT-S Sport Liftback
·                Sixth generation: 1988 GT-S Twin-Cam Coupe
·                Seventh generation: 1996 DX 4-Door Sedan
·                Eighth generation: 1998 LE 4-Door Sedan
·                Ninth generation: 2006 LE 4-Door Sedan
·                Tenth generation: 2009 XRS 4-Door Sedan
·                Eleventh generation: 2017 Corolla SE Sedan
On the main floor of the Toyota display are four more Corollas:

  • The Great American Race Corolla: A 1970 Toyota Corolla Sedan that competed in June’s long-distance endurance competition, “The Great American Race.” The race started in Northern California and the finish line was in Moline, Ill.
  • A prime example of the Corolla First Gen: a 1969 Corolla 2-Door Coupe.
  • One highlight of this collection is commemorating Corolla’s golden anniversary with the 2017 Corolla 50th Anniversary Special Edition in Black Cherry Pearl. Only 8,000 of this model are being sold in the United States. Its package, based on the sporty 2017 Corolla SE, reflects Corolla’s continuous commitment to fun and efficiency.
  • The XTREME Corolla: With aggressive design and sporty appeal, this one-of-a-kind Corolla has been converted from a 4-Door Sedan to a 2-Door Sports Coupe, complete with a turbo engine and exterior and interior customization. 

“For the past 50 years, the Corolla has always been a quality, stylish, economical automobile and you can truly see how those brand pillars have come to life over five decades by viewing Corolla’s history through to the present and we had so much fun building the extreme,” said Mercer.
All 15 Toyota Corolla’s —along with other impressive Toyota vehicles—can be seen in the Toyota display booth (#24800) in Central Hall and on the Patio Annex of the Las Vegas Convention Center, November 1-4, 2016.

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Dan Gardner
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