Statement on new U.S. Fuel Economy Standards to be attributed to JAMES LENTZ, PRESIDENT & COO, TOYOTA MOTOR SALES, USA, INC.:

“I am pleased to be in Washington today to demonstrate Toyota’s unyielding commitment to this important process.  The long-term objectives of this program are very ambitious, and we intend to meet the challenge.   

“Toyota has embarked on the most aggressive expansion of hybrid, electric and hydrogen fuel cell cars of any automaker, and we are committed to continuing our demonstrated environmental leadership.

“We share the Administration’s goal of achieving major advances in clean, fuel efficient vehicles.  Obviously, there is still a great deal of uncertainty as to how the market will respond and what vehicle technologies consumers will embrace, which is why we are rolling out and testing a range of alternative fuel options.  As the rule-making process moves forward, we look forward to working closely and constructively with the Administration and other stakeholders to ensure that we realize our shared environmental goals in the most economically-effective and consumer-friendly ways possible.”


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