1.What is Toyota 100 Cars for Good?
Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good program is a Facebook-enabled philanthropy initiative whereby Toyota will give 100 cars in 100 days to 100 deserving charitable organizations. The 100 Cars for Good program is the first Toyota initiative that engages the public to determine how corporate philanthropic donations will be awarded. 100 Cars for Good was introduced in 2011, and Toyota has brought the program back in 2012 due to the success and popularity in its inaugural year.

2.Why is Toyota giving cars to charity?
Toyota believes that motor vehicles, and the mobility they provide, can also be vehicles for change to contribute to the betterment of society. They can be particularly important in enhancing the good works of charitable organizations in local communities, fulfilling their transportation needs to help extend the reach and efficiency of their good works. Toyota also seeks to highlight the good works provided by charitable organizations, which provide much-needed services to our local communities.

3.How will winners be determined?
Daily winners will be determined by popular vote on a dedicated Facebook application. Each day, five charities will have the opportunity to win. The organization receiving the most votes at the end of the day will receive a car. The four remaining organizations will each receive $1,000 contribution.

4.How and when do organizations apply to participate?
Organizations can apply by submitting an application on the Toyota 100 Cars for Good Facebook page. Applications will be accepted starting March 12, 2012 for two weeks or until 5,000 applications have been received.

5.How will the 500 finalists be selected?
Finalists will be selected by an independent, third-party panel of experts in the areas of philanthropy and corporate social responsibility.

6.What criteria will the panel use in selecting the 500 finalists?
Consideration will be given to the applicants’ need, potential impact of vehicle use, as well as an attempt to have organizations that represent the geographic diversity, diversity of populations served, and diversity of organizations’ missions.

7.Can the general public nominate a charity for participation?
The general public cannot directly nominate a charity for consideration. However, they are able to alert their charity about the program, and the organization could then apply directly by submitting a form on the Toyota Facebook page.

8.When will the winners receive their vehicles?
Delivery of vehicles will vary, and may depend on the vehicle selected by the winning organization.

9.What will winners have to do to take delivery of the vehicle?
Vehicle winners must pay for vehicle registration and provide proof of insurance before vehicle delivery. Winners may also be asked to participate in a vehicle delivery ceremony that may take place at a local dealer or at the winning organization’s location. Individual delivery locations will be determined at the discretion of the local dealer and winning organization.

10.Can winners add options and accessories to their vehicles prior to taking delivery?
No. In order to facilitate the vehicle ordering process, award vehicles will be of a predetermined color, spec and content level.

11.What if I don’t have a Facebook account?
Applications and votes can only be submitted via Facebook. All you need is an e-mail address to get started. For more information on how to create a Facebook account visit https://www.facebook.com/help/?page=173.

12.Who are the expert panelists?
The independent panel included experts in the area of nonprofits and philanthropy. The panelists will remain anonymous until after the finalists are announced in order to maintain objectivity.

13.What happens after I’m a finalist?
The 500 finalists will all receive an e-mail with details including the date on which the organization is scheduled to be up for voting. Finalists are required to submit a multimedia profile with information about their organization and how they would use the Toyota vehicle for good. Finalists will also receive a toolkit to help spread the word about their participation in the program to activate the voting public.

14.What if somebody else started a profile for my organization?
You can set up your 100 Cars for Good account so that more than one Facebook account can access and change your organization’s profile. This will allow more than one person to contribute to and edit the profile for your organization.

15.What Toyota vehicles are included in this program?
The following Toyota vehicles are included in this program:
•Prius v
•Camry Hybrid
•Sienna minivan
•Sienna Mobility (equipped with wheelchair access)
•Tundra full-sized pickup truck

These vehicles were chosen based on Toyota’s experience with non-profits requests for vehicle donations.

16.Can I vote on weekends and holidays?
Absolutely. The voting period will run for 100 continuous days, including weekends and holidays.

17.How do I know if my nonprofit is eligible?
To see the eligibility requirements for applying nonprofits, please see the terms and conditions.

18.How will I know if I’m a finalist?
Finalists will be notified via e-mail.

19.Are nonprofits outside the U.S. eligible?
Only non-profits registered in the 50 U.S. states are eligible.

20.Do I have to pay taxes on the car?
Please consult with your tax advisor to determine any applicable tax implications in your state.

21.How long should my video be?
Your video should be no longer than two minutes. Ideally it will be focused on the clients and mission of your organization and how a Toyota vehicle will help you further that mission.

22.Can I pick the color of my new car?
All vehicle specs and options will be determined by Toyota. Toyota’s intention is for each vehicle awarded to be white.

23.Will Toyota provide insurance?
Toyota will not provide insurance for vehicles won during 100 Cars for Good.

24.Is the car given to the organization or an individual?
The organization.

25.Do I have to be 18 and over to enter?
The representative of the nonprofit organization must be at least 18 years of age to enter to win a car.

26.Can my organization auction off the car to raise money for our organization?
Vehicles awarded through the 100 Cars for Good program are intended to be in-service vehicles, helping nonprofit organizations expand the reach and improve the efficiency of their good works. The resale of vehicles will be subject to limitation.


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