Test Your Knowledge of the CALTY Design Research Studio’s 50-Year History

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1. How many Calty design studio locations are there?

2. Which of the following never-before-seen projects was inspired by exploring future transportation trends in big cities?

3. In what year did Calty’s first production-model design debut?

4. In 1997, Calty was included in a global competition to design what kind of vehicle?

5. Which two concepts became production cars?

6. The 2024 Tacoma was inspired by trucks that race in which of the following landscapes?

7. The Lexus SC 400 project began in 1987 with a focus on defining the luxury sports coupe's ______________.

8. Toyota brought back the “86” name after a _________ absence?

9. The first Calty Design Research studio originally started with a staff of how many?

10. What was the first production car to come out of the CALTY Ann Arbor design studio?

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