Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Tennessee (TMMTN)

Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Tennessee (TMMTN)

Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Tennessee (TMMTN) builds engine blocks for cars, SUVs and trucks assembled in North America. The plant’s more than 380-member workforce is responsible for bringing vehicles to life by using aluminum to create thousands of engine blocks and transmission cases and housings every day. TMMTN produces up to 1.6 million engine blocks and 778,000 transmission cases per year.

Facts and Figures

Manufacturing Plant

Engine & Transmission

Toyota Operations



2.37 Million

Units Assembled in 2020


Jobs Created

  • Start of Production: 2005
  • Investment: $365 million
  • Plant Sites: 200 acres
  • Plant Sizes: 450,000 sq. ft.
  • Products: engine blocks and automatic transmission cases and housings
  • 2020 Production: 1.6 million engine blocks, 778K transmission cases and housings
  • Aluminum: 115.5 million pounds of recycled aluminum used in 2020
  • Operations: high pressure casting, die making
  • Investments/Milestones:
    • 2020: The plant’s name changed from Bodine Aluminum to Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Tennessee.
    • 2019: Toyota announced a $50M investment and plant expansion in Tennessee.
    • 2018: Toyota celebrated its 15th anniversary in Tennessee.
  • Community Investment:
    • Over $400,000 in philanthropy given back to the plant community in 2020.
    • More than $1.7 million given in Tennessee since 2003.
  • Impact on Tennessee: The Center for Automotive Research (CAR) conducted a study based on 2015 data and found:
    • Direct employees (manufacturing-related and new vehicle jobs) earned $517 million in payroll.
    • When direct employees are combined with jobs at companies that supply Toyota, as well as spinoff jobs, the company is estimated to support 13,000 jobs in Tennessee.
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Wes Woods

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