Driving Force: Toyota Publishes 2023 North American D+I Annual Report

Driving Force: Toyota Publishes 2023 North American D+I Annual Report

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Promoting diversity and inclusion has long been a part of Toyota’s story. Now, the publication of the 2023 Toyota North America Diversity + Inclusion Annual Report shares the human stories behind the company’s journey towards limitless possibilities for all. 

The report serves as a snapshot of the past year in the U.S, Mexico, Canada, and Puerto Rico as told through highlights of community outreach, employee resource groups, executive engagement, supplier diversity, mentoring, and more. This year, the company’s signature achievement was launching Driving Possibilities, a $110-million education and community-focused initiative announced in 2022. Driving Possibilities, a long-term initiative of the Toyota USA Foundation, is funded in part by Toyota Motor North America, Inc. and Toyota Financial Services. 

This year’s D+I Annual Report theme, “+=Us,” carries the spirit of Driving Possibilities’ holistic approach by underscoring the multiple facets that make us who we are. Through the Toyota Way values of showing respect for people and working for others, Toyota demonstrates its commitment to ever-better inclusivity at all levels of the enterprise—and across its North American facilities, represented in four key areas of Toyota’s D+I focus: Identity, Belonging, Community, and Possibility.  

To explore the 2023 D+I Annual Report, click here. 

For Toyota’s rankings in the 2023 DiversityInc survey, click here. 

Originally published May 16, 2023

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