Known for its on and off-road vehicle development, the Toyota Arizona Proving Grounds (TAPG) is dedicated to the innovation and development of vehicles. As one of Toyota’s most extensive facilities, TAPG is modeled and constructed to also be a one-stop shop for off-road truck and SUV development thanks to off-road courses to test technologies like the Crawl Control and Multi-Terrain systems. Additional TAPG features include the following:

  • 12,000 acres of land
  • a 10-mile oval
  • 60-lane miles of paved and dirt tracks
  • coast-down tracks
  • vehicle dynamic areas
  • further off-road facilities for all types of testing

Instead of renting spaces at other facilities, Toyota built its own.

“I knew we could do this on our own site,” says Bob Ditner, senior project manager of Vehicle Dynamics Evaluation. “And so, I went to those sites and modeled what we were renting, and then we installed them here at TAPG.”

As Toyota continues to adapt to greater technological innovation, TAPG methods evolve to maintain remarkable performance in today’s vehicles.

So, what does the future hold for Toyota?

“As the industry is changing, we need to change with it or be ahead of it to continue to grow with the mobility industry,” says Randy Stephens, group vice president, Product Performance Engineering.

Discover more about TAPG and its mission in the video below.

Originally published August 3, 2022

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