Cookies and milk. Peanut butter and jelly. Chips and salsa. If there’s one thing to learn from these classic combinations, it’s that great things can happen when one embraces the best of both worlds.

With an impressive charge and an EPA-estimated 54 combined mpg on top of that, the new 2020 Toyota Prius Hybrid and 2020 Prius Prime remain automotive titans when it comes to efficiency. Now, with some exciting new features, Prius adds on to its many accolades, rolling out the best-equipped model in its two-decade reign.

So, what can the next generation of Prius driver do in the new Prius (except enjoy fewer trips to the pump)?

Travel Safe and Scenic 

Some drivers like to focus on getting from Point A to Point B as efficiently as possible. Others like to see the sights and will tack on a Point C and D. Then there are those who seem to know every attraction in a 50-mile radius and suddenly they are two hours behind, and three ice cream stands into their trip.

With the new standardized Safety Connect on all Prius models, drivers can travel between points with the comfort of knowing they will get to their destination safely, even if that’s Point Z.

Keep Everyone Connected

Everyone has been there: sitting in the back seat, five hours into a road trip. The only thing keeping the energy levels high are the song selections. Fortunately, the perfect song is queued up. Unfortunately, the phone is about to die.

With the addition of two USB ports in the back seat, there are even more ways to charge, connect and keep the road trip moving all the way down Eisenhower’s gift to a restless nation, interstates.

Sync Up With Friends

Speaking of road trips, there’s an unspoken rule that when it comes to hitting the highway, the person in the driver’s seat keeps the car moving safely, while the person in the passenger seat handles everything else.

It’s a big responsibility, but with Apple CarPlay®, which now comes standard on every model for 2020, and standard SiriusXM® and, it’s easy to throw on a playlist and keep the traveling mood rolling. And with a built-in Amazon Alexa feature, the Prius delivers a driving experience that perfectly syncs to how people live and move.

Enjoy Glare-Free Views

Let’s state the obvious — the sun is great. It helps plants grow, it makes the sand warm and it really brings out the color in stained-glass windows. Yet, despite all its splendor, the sun can be a nuisance when it gets in a driver’s eyes.

Fortunately, with a new extended sun visor for the 2020 Prius Prime, drivers can appreciate the sun for all its best traits without having to deal with unwanted glare.

Take the Road Less Traveled

Just imagine: a Prius charging up a rocky road, weaving through a forest path or kicking up clouds on a dusty trail. Seems far-fetched? Not anymore. With AWD-e (all-wheel drive electronic), a new generation of drivers can look forward to reaching all new levels of verticality.

With these new features and more to ignite the senses, the 2020 Prius Hybrid and 2020 Prius Prime offer a whole new driving experience for those who thrive at the intersection of greatness.

Story originally published on September 12, 2019

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