2015 Toyota/Yellowstone Lamar Buffalo Ranch Battery Project – Jim Lentz

2015 Toyota/Yellowstone Lamar Buffalo Ranch Battery Project – Jim Lentz

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2015 Yellowstone Battery Project/Renewable Energy Storage System Ribbon Cutting
Lamar Buffalo Ranch, Yellowstone National Park
Tuesday, May 12, 2015
Jim Lentz, Chief Executive Officer, Toyota North America

You know, President Teddy Roosevelt first visited Yellowstone more than 100 years ago, spending weeks exploring the wilderness and observing the animals who call this park home.

He later referred to Yellowstone as a “wonderland”… and said, “The creation and preservation of such a great natural playground, in the interest of our people as a whole, is a credit to the nation.”

And when we look at the mountains and meadows that surround us today, we can see that Roosevelt’s wonderland remains as pristine and protected as it was a century ago.

So it’s humbling to gather here, and once again celebrate Toyota’s long-standing partnership with Yellowstone and the Yellowstone Park Foundation.

Through this partnership, Toyota has been able to give our vehicles, technology, and expertise in sustainable living to help preserve Yellowstone for generations to come.

Some examples include:

Lending our engineers to advise the design and construction of the Old Faithful Visitor Education Center, which obtained Gold LEED certification,

Donating numerous vehicles to assist with park operations, and providing grants to establish environmental education programs and aid sustainability efforts.

And today, our relationship with Yellowstone continues, as more than 200 battery packs that once powered Toyota Camry hybrids have found a new home on the range.

These newly-installed solar panels will generate renewable electricity stored within the batteries, creating sustainable and zero emission power for the five buildings on the Lamar Buffalo Ranch field campus.

By working together with Yellowstone Park, we hope we can continue providing a home where the buffalo roam, where the deer and the antelope play, and other wildlife have a place to call their own.

Thank you.


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