North American International Auto Show (NAIAS)
2016 Tacoma Reveal Press Conference
January 12, 2015
Bill Fay, Toyota Group Vice President and General Manager
Dominate Dirt…or Rocks…or Pavement in the All-New 2016 Toyota Tacoma


Good afternoon …and happy New Year.
We usually start out our Detroit press conferences by telling you what a great year we had …how many cars we sold … and how excited we are about the coming year …but you guys don’t care about that!
You came here to see the Tacoma, right?
You’ve already seen the pictures and the videos … but there’s nothing quite like seeing it in person! 
Ladies and gentlemen …the all-new 2016 Tacoma. 
This truck is badass!
Every time I see it …I just want to get behind the wheel and set off on a new adventure.
Fifty years ago … Toyota introduced our first pickup truck for the US … and since then we have sold over 7 million trucks.
Twenty years ago … the Tacoma was born … the first Toyota truck to be designed and built here in America.
Since then … 3 million Tacomas have been sold …and about 75% of those are still on the road today!
Led by its legendary …
– quality,
– durability,
– and reliability …
and its go-anywhere capability … it’s no wonder that for the past 10 years … Tacoma has dominated the mid-size segment … growing to more than 60% market share.
Even at the end of the current generation’s 10-year lifecycle … it manages to outsell its closest competitor 2:1.
It continues to win awards for best resale value …and has the most loyal owners in the segment.
America just loves the Tacoma!
This all-new 2016 Tacoma will once again set the benchmark for mid-size pickups.
Mike Sweers … Chief Engineer of Toyota trucks …and his team at our Toyota Technical Center here in Ann Arbor …set out to make America’s favorite mid-size pickup … even better.
We started with the frame … adding high strength steel to increase rigidity and overall strength. 
The suspension was fine tuned to deliver better on-road manners … while making it even more capable once it hits the dirt.
The body shell integrates ultra-high strength steel …thanks to a new hot stamping process that reduces weight.
There’s also great news under the hood.
The new Tacoma will be available with either a 4-cylinder … or an all-new Atkinson cycle V6 engine. 
The 3.5-liter V6 …is equipped with Toyota’s D-4S technology … featuring both direct …and port fuel injection.
The V6 can be paired with a NEW 6-speed manual … or a NEW 6-speed automatic transmission … delivering quick shifts … with just a flick of the wrist.
While we don’t have power and MPG figures for you today …the math is simple.
Take a new Atkinson cycle engine …add in advanced direct and port fuel injection … and then pair it with a new 6-speed transmission … and you end up with the most powerful AND fuel efficient Tacoma ever!  
At CALTY … Toyota's North American design arm …the team wanted to give Toyota trucks a consistent design DNA…that shows off their serious yet fun appearance.
The Tacoma and the Tundra are both designed to reflect their amazing capability… but the similarities stop there. 
They are two different animals … each with their own identity. 
Inspired by a sleek desert race truck … the Tacoma is all about recreational action …and athletic agility.
The front end is all about attitude … sporting a new aggressive hex shape upper grille …and definitive skid plate design that connects together with a clamp-shaped bumper.  
The slim, high mounted projection beam headlights feature available LED daytime running light.
Topping it off is a taller hood … giving it a burly face and a commanding stance. 
Moving down the side …the high lift design continues with powerful and crisp wheel flares …that reflect the truck’s purposeful capability.
Four new aggressive wheel designs are available …ranging from 16 to 18-inch. 
The stamped Tacoma logo in the rear is a nod to the Tundra …as well as some vintage Toyota trucks. 
The rugged truck has a new tailgate that emphasizes a wide, stable stance. 
It features an integrated spoiler for aerodynamic improvement.
In addition to good, rugged looks …the new tailgate now features a lock …as well as an easy lowering feature … which allows it to slowly drop. 
For the first time ever …Tacoma is available with a lockable, tri-fold hard tonneau cover …that can secure your valuable gear when you're away. 
The interior of the new Tacoma emphasizes a sharp, sport truck image …that reflects its athletic, do-anything, off-road BAJA feel. 
The designers created a “handlebar”design theme in the instrument panel for a driver focused experience. 
The soft-wrapped trim and metallic accents create a high-quality look and feel. 
The new Tacoma offers premium features like:

  • Qi wireless charging 
  • Smart key with push-button start 
  • Power moonroof 
  • Blind-spot monitor with Rear Cross Traffic Alert …

… and the list just goes on. 
This is by far the most refined Tacoma ever.  
When Tacoma owners need to escape from their action-packed lives …they’ll appreciate an interior that has more content …and is quieter than ever before thanks to a new acoustic windshield … and more sound-absorbing materials throughout the cabin.
Tacoma is the ultimate lifestyle vehicle …so we created 5 different grades to match the needs of our active customers.
Each grade has its own personality and unique look. 
Grades include…
• The entry-level SR … perfect for work-truck applications,
• The iconic SR5 grade …
a staple in the Toyota truck lineup,
• A top of the line limited grade that comes
fully loaded …
• And of course our most popular models …the rugged TRD Sport … and the unstoppable TRD Off-Road.
Over 40% of Tacomas sold are TRD models … proving that Tacoma owners LOVE to get their trucks dirty! 
Speaking of getting dirty … we have a little surprise for you that we know enthusiasts are going to love.
Ladies and gentlemen…the 2016 Tacoma TRD Off-Road!
I want to introduce you to Ryan Millen …one of Toyota's rising stars.
Just a few months ago …Ryan raced the Tundra TRD Pro to a class victory in the grueling Baja 1000 …
Thank you, Ryan.
This truck just screams TOUGH!
This new Tacoma TRD off-road is inspired by over 35 years of desert racing.
Toyota’s rich heritage of terrain conquering vehicles has taken thrill seekers to some of the most remote locations in the world.  
To keep the adventure alive …the new Tacoma TRD Off-Road has some convenient features like a power outlet in the composite bed …and for the thrill-seekers…this GoPro camera mount located near the rear-view mirror … the mount … by the way …comes standard in ALL Tacomas.
It also has impressive performance technology like multi-terrain select …which allows you to select between five different types of terrain …such as loose rock … or mud and sand.
This input regulates wheel spin by adjusting throttle and brake pressure …to provide maximum traction on almost any terrain that your adventure throws at you.
Like any off-road adventure …you may encounter some obstacles that would require a lesser truck to turn around and head back … not this new Tacoma.
Just engage Crawl Control …select a speed of 1-5 mph and focus on steering …the Tacoma will take care of both the accelerator and the brakes … conquering almost anything in its path.
Your friends will think you're a pro.
The Tacoma TRD off-road is hungry for adventure and it can’t wait to tackle any challenge that it encounters.
It is the ultimate ride for the outdoorsman that likes to get out there and go places.    
I’d like to thank some key people that are responsible for this outstanding truck.
Chief Engineers Mike Sweers …and Motoharu Araya …as well as President of CALTY DESIGN … Kevin Hunter.
Please stand and be recognized.
When the 2016 Tacoma launches this fall …it will again raise the benchmark for mid-size pickup performance.
Behind each Tacoma …is a great North American story.
The Tacoma is: designed and engineered right here in Michigan; tested and tuned at our proving grounds in Arizona; manufactured in our future home state of Texas …as well as our plant in Baja; and in the end … Tacomas will enable countless Americans to make the most of each and every adventure.
I hope you are as charged up as we are about the all-new 2016 Tacoma.
Speaking of being charged …we know how hard it is to keep those cell phones powered all day … so we are giving away these cool TACOMA battery packs.
To get one …just snap a picture of the new Tacoma …post it to your Facebook, Instagram … or Twitter …and use the "Tacoma" hashtag.
We even have free wi-fi in our space so you can upload your shot …as well as download the online press kit.
Please give us a moment to reset the trucks before we invite the photographers up to take some pictures …and please watch your step … this is an off-road stage.
Mike Sweers … Kevin Hunter and I …will be up here to answer any questions that you might have.
Thank you so much for joining us today.


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