2010 New York International Auto Show – Scion iQ and tC Reveal

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Scion iQ Concept Press Conference
2010 New York International Auto Show
Javits Convention Center, Galleria
Wednesday, May 31, 2010, 1 p.m. EDT
Jack Hollis – Vice President, Scion
Welcome to the New Dimension of Scion!
It’s great to see you all again. The New York Auto Show has always been a special place for Scion… from the time we launched the brand in 2002 with the bbX… to the 2003 reveal of the first xA and xB… to last year when we showed you an exciting new concept.
New York is a Scion-like city… a vibrant place where young trendsetters stretch the bounds of what is possible. Like New York… Scion has always been about expanding in new dimensions… taking risks, setting trends, and definitely creating our own path.
It’s this vision that has appealed to a new generation of automotive enthusiasts… making Scion the youngest brand in the entire industry. As an innovation lab for our company… to try new products and new ways of building relationships with our owners… it has succeeded beyond our expectations.
Building these relationships has brought new opportunities to our company. In just seven years time… we’ve put nearly 800,000 Scions on the road… with almost 73 percent being new to the Toyota family.
And in doing so… we’re proud that Scion is the most ethnically diverse non-luxury brand.
Our dealers… who are among the most ground-breaking in the industry… have been a huge part of the relationship we have built with the Scion enthusiast. I want to thank all of our dealers… especially the 12 member Scion dealer council… who have been outstanding partners in building our brand.
While it’s been three years since we’ve brought new product to the market… we have by no means been idle. From the Fuse concept… to the Hako coupe concept… to multiple SEMA concept vehicles created by our innovative owners… these vehicles have inspired us to go in new directions.
We’ve also kept our products fresh with exclusive Release Series models for our entire line up. Our latest iteration… the tC Release Series 6.0… launched just last month.
And… the restyled 2011 xB… with an aggressive new look… makes its public debut at our space right here at New York. Make sure you go check it out.
Today… we take you along with us as we enter the New Dimension of Scion. A dimension where transportation anticipates the future needs of young drivers… and together we’ll create a whole new segment in the industry.
Last year we showed you an exciting new concept vehicle… and today it’s my pleasure to make it a reality.
(iQ 30-sec. reveal video)
That’s right… today I present to you the North American debut of the 2011 Scion iQ.
The new iQ is about big ideas… Concentrated.
When we debuted the xB seven years ago… it created an iconic vehicle that has been imitated… but never duplicated. And the new iQ will do the same as it ushers in a “New Urbanism”… a vehicle for a more progressive buyer whose transportation needs and desires are changing.
The iQ will be moving Scion into this New Dimension with these young metropolitan owners… taking a unique approach to urban mobility… beyond just convenient transportation… with a blend of style, innovation and entertainment… Concentrated.
It’s an intelligent choice for these new urbanites who appreciate clever transportation without sacrifice in design or features, but it will also have an emotional appeal that exudes a fun personality.
The iQ will define a new… premium… micro-subcompact segment… a minier and smarter vehicle… with a style unlike any other. It will appeal to the youthful trendsetters who desire innovation above all else… and actively share their thoughts and ideas with close friends and digital acquaintances.
For iQ… yeah…size matters… but its small stature is balanced by a strong stance and greater capability. The new urbanites tell us that the iQ is the future… a small footprint that appeals to their sense that a car should not be any bigger than it really has to be… and one that is easy to drive in the city and find a place to park.
Top to bottom, the iQ is a revolutionary idea on the efficient use of space in a vehicle. Its small size contrasts with its large capability… the world’s smallest four-seater that gives people the flexibility they never thought possible… with the ability to take friends and gear where they need to go. While compact… iQ makes it easy to get in and out with a large door opening, and the front seats have a convenient long-slide feature with a side-mounted lever. The front seats also have a slim-back design … while the front passenger seat is mounted slightly forward of the driver seat… all of which provide even more legroom in the back.
And it does this while providing the safety and security all drivers want. Vehicle Stability Control, Anti-lock Brakes, and Traction Control are among the standard-active safety features. Can you believe that a car this small has 10 standard airbags… including the world’s first rear-window curtain airbag.
iQ’s interior design is a fusion of modern style and efficient ergonomics, with modern textures and soft-touch materials, adding a very premium feel. An efficient vertical center stack is equally convenient for both driver and front passenger. The asymmetrical instrument panel offers a look that is techno-organic, providing both style and clarity. And a front-mounted LED lamp creates a high-tech feel throughout the entire cabin.
While size, style and safety help define the iQ, they will be matched by a surprising fun-to-drive experience. Partnered with a smooth, responsive Continuously Variable Transmission… the 1.3-liter engine will provide surprising power and torque while still reaching fuel-economy in the upper 30s.
While the iQ is taking us into a New Dimension, we’re not stopping there. We’re also stretching the bounds of where we’ve already been… with a vehicle that sets trends that others have since followed.
Ladies and gentlemen… I present to you the worldwide debut of the all-new Scion tC.
(tC 30-40-sec. reveal video)
With a refined aggression… the all-new tC moves the compact sport coupe into a New Dimension with masculine styling, enhanced performance and convenient technologies. After the phenomenal success of the first-generation tC… it was only natural that an all-new premium version would redefine its segment and meet the desires of the evolving sports coupe buyer.
The tC is an aspirational vehicle for a young buyer who has achieved early success in their life and career. It’s a vehicle that makes a statement about who they are as they challenge the status quo and define their own world.
Since its launch six years ago… the tC has had the youngest buyer in the industry, and we expect that to continue. Predominantly male, the tC owner is inspired by its fearlessness and sense of freedom.
The tC will take Scion into a New Dimension in driving dynamics. A performance evolution that creates a fun-to-drive atmosphere… more aggressive and confident. A new sport-tuned suspension provides outstanding handling… and a feel that is steady and firmly planted on the road. A new Electric Power Steering system has allowed our engineers to tune the feel and performance well beyond the previous generation’s hydraulic system.
Under the hood… a 180-horsepower… 2.5-liter engine… which has 19-more horsepower and 11 foot-pounds of additional torque than its replacement…provides alert, agile acceleration. A free flowing exhaust system provides a throaty exhaust note. Performance hasn’t come at the sacrifice of efficiency, as the tC will also have better M-P-G than its predecessor.
Two 6-speed transmissions give the tC owner fun… flexibility and excellent fuel economy. The six-speed automatic with sequential shift offers quick acceleration … while the 6-speed manual’s improved shift feel provides an athletic on-road experience.
The tC’s performance and handling characteristics are transferred to the road via standard 18-inch alloy wheels and wider tires for more grip. The brakes are larger than the previous generation… both front and back… with 16-inch rotors all around.
A driver-inspired cockpit is one of the tC’s many interior design features. The steering wheel has a commanding look and substantial feel… with a modern center shape and race-inspired flat bottom.
The instrument panel and center stack focus on the driver’s sense of control and individuality… while the dual-dial combination meter reflects a precise look with metallic trim and deep-orange lighting. The driver-centric design also provides a more spacious area for the front passenger.
Front seats keep the driver and passenger firmly in place… with high seat backs and substantial bolsters… including additional shoulder support. The 60/40-split rear seats support passengers comfortably… while folding down for outstanding convenience.
An excellent sound system features eight powerful speakers… complete with a unique sound-wave ripple design… that are strategically mounted in the doors and rear quarter trim… and the system has been specifically tuned for the tC’s cabin to optimize performance.
A conveniently located USB and auxiliary jack allows for an iPod® to be easily plugged in and controlled through the sound system. Steering-wheel-mounted controls make it easy for the driver to access their personalized music needs.
And it wouldn’t be a tC if we didn’t include the panoramic moonroof.
Put it all together… and there you have the all-new 2011 tC.
The new iQ and tC are more than just two new products. Together… they’re helping us usher in the New Dimension of Scion.
(20-sec. video with footage of both vehicles)
iQ and tC aren’t just two halves of a whole… together, they’re changing the realm of youth-car culture.
It’s my pleasure to introduce two gentlemen who are helping us travel this new journey.
Please welcome the chief engineer for the iQ… Mr. Hiroki Nakajima.
And the chief engineer for the all-new tC… Mr. Masayuki Nagai.
Thank you both for creating these two great new additions to the Scion family. We know they will inspire and excite Scion enthusiasts as much as the do us.
We also invite you to visit the Scion display area on the show floor to see two customized versions of the iQ and tC. Styled by our friends at Five Axis… these two vehicles give you an idea of what is possible when you unleash the creativity of our Scion owners. They feature the Bloodshot tC and Titanium iQ, distinctive interior trim and Five Axis wheels with low-profile tires.
As I mentioned earlier, Scion has always been a lab for trying new ideas and methods. Scion has accomplished exactly what the company hoped for at inception… in most ways… way beyond expectations.
And we will now take that Scion DNA of authenticity, community and customization into a New Dimension.
I’m excited about the next 12 months as we launch these two new vehicles… the tC this fall… and the iQ early next year.
Back in 2003, we started with two unique vehicles… and not long after that we added an exciting third model… the tC. Now… with the iQ…we’ll add yet another authentic, segment-defining vehicle that will meet the needs of the near future rather than the present.
And to tell you the truth, we have absolutely no intention of stopping here.
I’ll see you right here next year.
Come on up and take a look at the new iQ and tC. I invite the photographers up first to get some pictures. I’ll be up here to answer any of your questions.
Thanks again for joining us today. Enjoy the show.
# # #

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