2009 SEMA - Tundra Hot Rod 001

The growing popularity of retro/old school hot rods in the aftermarket world has inspired Toyota to take a Texas-built Tundra Regular Cab full-size pickup and prove that a present day economical work truck could realistically be made into an American hot rod. Toyota also wanted to show consumers that Tundra is a truck that not only works hard, but plays hard too. The result is the Tundra Hot Rod, which takes a fun look at what a Toyota Tundra pickup truck might have looked like if it had been part of the iconic 1950s and ?60s hot rod era.
Toyota assisted Phoenix-based project partner Sucker Punch Sally?s by providing a flat black Tundra Regular Cab 4×2 equipped with a Toyota Racing Development (TRD) supercharger kit for the hot rod conversion.  The supercharger helps boost performance of the Tundra to 500 horsepower.
The exterior received candy red hotrod flames, Bonneville moon hubcaps, a custom 1950?s Toyota logo in the grille, and a custom cherry bomb exhaust.  Sucker Punch Sally?s also went old school inside with the installation of a full custom tuck ?n? roll interior. Additional interior modifications include a custom headliner, dash pad, and carpet along with hand-turned brass dashboard controls. The interior is topped off with a custom curly maple wood cargo deck.
Fender Guitars also made significant contributions to the project. Inside, the Tundra Hot Rod features Fender Guitar custom radio knobs and installed in the truck bed is a polished wood floor, using the Fender Custom Shop?s finest flamed maple.  Sucker Punch Sally?s also added custom aluminum side panels and railing.
Toyota?s partnerships with Sucker Punch Sally?s and Fender Guitar will allow the Tundra Hot Rod to be seen beyond the 2009 SEMA Show by a wide range of audiences as the truck is scheduled to be displayed at a minimum of 55 various consumer events over the next year.  
Toyota Tundra Hot Rod Features
Sucker Punch Sally?s (suckerpunchsallys.com)
  • Candy red hotrod flames
  • Bonneville baby moon hubcaps 
  • Cherry bomb exhaust
  • Custom 1950?s Toyota logo in grille
  • Full custom tuck ?n? roll interior
  • Custom headliner, dash pad and carpet
  • Hand turned brass dashboard controls
  • Custom curly maple wood cargo deck
  • Custom aluminum side panels and railing
Fender Guitar (fender.com)
  • Fender Guitar hand turned brass dashboard controls
  • Flamed maple wood flooring in truck bed
Toyota Racing Development
  • Supercharger kit

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