ALV Award-Winning Toyota 4Runner Takes Active Lifestyle Enthusiasts on the Ride of Their Lives

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Rugged, go-anywhere exterior design and authentic off-road heritage help Toyota 4Runner win Best Value Off-Road Vehicle for active lifestyles

TORRANCE, Calif. (Nov. 4, 2013) – Up a steep hill, through a rocky riverbed and across a sea of other off-road adventures, the redesigned 2014 Toyota 4Runner proved its value at the 10th annual Active Lifestyle Vehicle (ALV) awards program, taking home the title of Best Value Off-Road Vehicle. As an authentic off-road vehicle that is also comfortable on the road, the 2014 4Runner features a rugged, go-anywhere exterior, authentic off-road heritage and impeccable agility – creating the perfect mix for those seeking an active lifestyle. started the Active Lifestyle Vehicle of the Year program nine years ago with two objectives in mind: to recognize the cars and trucks that best meet the needs of people with active lifestyles, and to provide automakers with a better understanding of what features people who run, cycle, swim or maintain an active lifestyle in any other fashion, find necessary for their vehicle.

Commenting on the 4Runner’s off-road capability, one of the participating athletes said “the vehicle does all the work for you.  It’s almost like it can feel what the road is doing and it adjusts automatically.”

For nearly three decades, the 4Runner has been a stalwart for off-roading enthusiasts seeking a mid-size SUV with the ability to handle bumps along the way. The redesigned 2014 4Runner added a new exterior design and interior refinement, providing more comfort and convenience without sacrificing its hallmark performance capability and excellent value – all of which contribute to those living an active lifestyle. Currently in its fifth-generation, the 2014 4Runner continues to be one of the few, fully capable mid-size SUVs.

The 4Runner combines its rugged body-on-frame construction with a comprehensive suspension technology that yields optimal off-road capability with a smooth ride and comfort more often associated with crossovers.
The 2014 4Runner is available in three grades: a well-equipped, value-driven SR5; top-of-the-line Limited; and a Trail grade for those who want maximum off-road capability. Optional third-row seats on SR5 and Limited allow for up to seven passengers. The 2014 4Runner also offers the choice of a rear wheel 4×2, part-time 4×4 or a full-time multi-mode 4×4 with a locking center differential. All models are equipped with a powerful 4.0-liter, 270-horsepower V6 teamed to a five-speed ECT-i automatic transmission, and are among  the few vehicles that continues to offer a transfer case.

Many “vehicle of the year” programs focus on various aspects of vehicle performance, but the Active Lifestyle Vehicle of the Year program is more concerned with how much the vehicle enhances an athlete’s performance. The vehicles are evaluated by former and current athletes to assess how they perform in water, with ease of loading, and even upholstery cleaning. To qualify for the competition, and to adhere to’s important safety standards, active lifestyle vehicles must meet certain criteria to be considered. Vehicles must include antilock brakes, side curtain airbags and electronic stability control. Judges include journalists, runners, cyclists, adventure racers, skiers and race car drivers.

For those seeking their next adventure in life, the Toyota 4Runner will take them there – wherever that may be.

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