The All-New Toyota Tundra Shines a Light on the Story of a Texas Family that Brought Soccer to Kids in Their Local Community

The All-New Toyota Tundra Shines a Light on the Story of a Texas Family that Brought Soccer to Kids in Their Local Community

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Most days, you’ll find Ismael Guzmán, president of the East Austin Soccer Club, mentally preparing for his day as he heads to the soccer field with his son, Javier Guzmán.  It is here at this East Austin, Texas field where they will go through their beloved ritual of cutting the grass, painting the lines, and taking care of all the maintenance needed to ensure that kids in their local community have a safe and enjoyable playing surface for practice and games. Guzmán and his family’s story was recently featured in the first film produced by Así Studios—recently launched by TelevisaUnivision—in partnership with Toyota. The film Imparable: Ismael Guzmán (Unstoppable: Ismael Guzmán) is a short peek at the lifelong dream that Guzmán made into reality in his hometown of East Austin.

Ismael Guzmán and his son unload their Tundra with soccer equipment in preparation for practice in their East Austin field.

Guzmán’s passion for soccer

The short film follows the inspiring story of this Texas man whose dream was to become a soccer coach. Growing up, he played in dirt fields, where getting dirty and getting bruises on his knees and elbows was a part of the game. Fast-forward, he now lives in East Austin, where, for almost two decades, there were three or four soccer clubs, but with high entry fees for children to play. He decided to start his own club and make it affordable for any kid with a desire to play soccer, regardless of their family’s means. So, he and his family found the field and have been dedicated to this effort ever since.

“To be a coach was always my dream, my passion. I created the East Austin Soccer Club for all the kids in my community who couldn’t afford the fees of the other clubs in the area yet had so much talent. And now, here we are with our own field,” says Guzmán.

The East Austin Soccer Club, led by Ismael Guzmán, practices on their community field maintained by Guzmán and his family. The story is shared in the short film, Imparable: Ismael Guzmán, produced by Así Studios in partnership with Toyota.

TelevisaUnivision and Toyota partner up to share the story

TelevisaUnivision launched its brand studio Así Studios in April as another medium of content creation that connects with U.S. Hispanic audiences through authentic and relevant storytelling.  Toyota became the first brand to partner with the studio and helped elevate this heartfelt story, which featured the 2022 Toyota Tundra, to highlight the unstoppable spirit of Guzmán.

Ismael Guzman meets with his East Austin soccer club members during practice.

One of the club’s current challenges is the timing of the kids’ afterschool practice.  Academics is a top priority for Guzmán and his progam, and the students must finish their homework before they can practice.   However, lighting is a critical element missing from the field. Toyota stepped in and took the partnership further by making a donation to the club for the purchase of a lighting system. The club will now be able to practice at night during the next soccer season—affording the players the ability to take care of their school duties before they go out and practice or play.

This spirit of acting for others is at the core of Toyota’s philosophy, and this project helped bring it to life.

“We are truly grateful to Toyota for sharing our story and giving back to a community that needs it and values it,” says Guzmán.

Originally published June 9, 2022

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