Supras in Vegas: Three Days Celebrating Toyota’s Legendary Sports Car

Supras in Vegas: Three Days Celebrating Toyota’s Legendary Sports Car

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Toyota Supra owners around the world have a long and zealous history for community through the many online forums, car shows, rallies and races where they gather to share the love of this iconic sports car. Most notably is Supras in Vegas, an annual confab of Supra owners spanning three days each October packed with scenic drives and showcase opportunities. The event, which began with just 20 registered Supras in 2011, has rapidly expanded to an average of 200 unique vehicles every year, attracting enthusiasts from around the United States, as well as Canada, Germany and Japan.

This year saw another crowded field of devoted Supra owners coming from far and wide to geek out over vintage and new model year Supras, as well as compete in fan favorite categories such as best engine and highest horsepower.  Experience the magic of “Supras in Vegas” with exclusive photos and commentary from the event’s founder, Miguel Jimenez.

“Sixteen states are represented. We've been as high as 22 different regions. The last two years, we've had people from British Columbia and Eastern Canada come down, too.”

“We always started off with a scenic drive. For the first time, we're going up northeast Las Vegas to the Valley of Fire.”

“It's really cool to see a line of a hundred cars, of any car, you know.”

“The second day is always the car show, the Show and Shine. This year, we'll be at SpeedVegas for the first time, which is a specialty driving experience track just south of the Strip.”

“Day three is the dyno day. You drive the vehicle onto these rollers. They hook up a sensor to pick up the ignition signal, the rpm. And all of it is displayed on a computer.”

“So, part of every performance car meet is, who's got the best horsepower? In our nine years, we've had two cars go over a thousand horsepower.”

“I'm a car lover and I love driving on the tracks. I have a history of being involved with drifting, road racing, all that. So, to me, it's ‘How does a car perform overall?’”

“I think that the draw is the people. There's literally close friendships that we've built over the time I've been in that community from the beginning to now.”

Originally published on December 18, 2019

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