Scion’s Brand Manifesto Campaign Inspires Originality and Challenges Individuals to ‘Become One of Us by Becoming None of Us’

Scion’s Brand Manifesto Campaign Inspires Originality and Challenges Individuals to ‘Become One of Us by Becoming None of Us’

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7 Scion xD Brand Manifesto

TORRANCE, Calif. (July 16, 2009) ? Scion today announced the launch of its new ?Brand Manifesto? campaign, intended to engage a new youthful audience of creative influencers. Channeled through TV spots, print, online and out-of-home media, bold manifestos were created to expose Scion?s declaration for both individuality and originality.
To celebrate the new campaign today, two innovative and engaging microsites that will attract a youthful trend-leading audience to the Scion brand will go live. The first of two sites, Pixel Reveal (, invites visitors to register to win a highly customized one-of-a-kind Scion worth over $34,000. A few items on the lengthy list of parts and modifications found on this car include a custom paint job, performance air intake, rear spoiler and a set of 19-inch wheels.
Registrants can visit the site up to ten times a day, with each visit revealing more pixels that together produce a complete image of the grand prize car. The registrant that reveals the last pixel of the one-million pixel image will win the car.
?With each one of its many accessories and custom modifications, this one-of-a-kind Scion truly defines the brand?s philosophy of personalization through customization,? said Jack Hollis, Scion vice president. ?I can?t wait until the winner reveals the millionth pixel and takes home this absolutely remarkable ride.?
The second microsite, entitled Speechifier (, engages visitors to create their own personal manifesto with an inventive twist. Creatives can input their unique statement and the Speechifier will automatically generate video versions of their message using a montage of video clips featuring celebrities and political icons. Users can then embed their personal manifesto video into their favorite social media sites for their peers to experience.
?From day one, Scion has targeted audiences that express creativity in everything they do,? voiced Hollis. ?Speechifier and the other elements in the Brand Manifesto campaign, continue to attract new and youthful individuals, and encourage them to make a statement and be heard.?
With “Become one of us by becoming none of us,” serving as a recurring manifesto for all of the Scion models, individuals alike are encouraged to be true to themselves by being original and never following. The campaign also presents manifestos that are specific to each of the three Scion models, calling attention to their unique personalities.
xD: the aggressive and edgy subcompact five-door
       Create a following by never following.
       Stand with us by standing out.
 xB: the urban utility vehicle with an iconic shape
       Be an icon, not an imitation.
       Be the original, not the copy.
 tC: the exciting sports coupe
      Tear it up, don’t rip it off.
      Always zag when others zig.
?The Scion brand has always inspired creativity and embraced individuality,? said Hollis. ?The daring manifestos will authentically reach out to a younger audience that is on the cutting edge of culture?challenging them to be original and unique?to be an individual.?
About Scion
Scion, from Toyota Motor Sales (TMS), U.S.A., Inc., was developed with a new generation of youthful buyers in mind. Scion?s mission is to provide distinctive products, the opportunity to personalize, and an innovative, consumer-driven process at the retail level. The Scion brand features three ground-breaking models with a wide array of standard features: the xD urban subcompact five-door, the iconic xB urban utility vehicle, and the tC sports coupe. The brand often applies new practices in all aspects of its business and pushes the creativity envelope with non-traditional advertising and marketing to engage young consumers. For more information, visit

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