Toyota shares its plans to provide mobility solutions for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo next summer

The Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo are still a year away. But Toyota, a worldwide partner for both, is taking steps now to ensure both are especially moving experiences.


Throughout the Games, Toyota will showcase several tangible examples of its commitment to deliver on mobility for all.

Toyota Concept-i — One of Toyota’s many new technologies to be on display in Tokyo next summer is this concept vehicle, which uses artificial intelligence to create an enhanced driver-vehicle relationship.

For instance, we’ll get our first glimpse of e-Palette in action, a battery-electric automated driving platform that will help transport athletes and staff around the Olympic and Paralympic villages. Similarly, Toyota will deploy Accessible People Movers to ensure those with physical impairments aren’t excluded from enjoying the Games.

Meanwhile, Toyota will introduce a range of Walking Area BEVs, small one-person battery-electric vehicles to help make it simpler and safer to get from one venue to another.

People Mover — This might look like a conventional bus, but SORA is powered by Toyota’s hydrogen fuel cell system that generates electricity while emitting nothing more than pure water vapor.

Fuel cell vehicles will also be part of the mix, from the Mirai sedan to SORA, a bus powered by hydrogen.

And there’ll be robots. Lots and lots of robots. They’ll take on various shapes, designs and purposes — including robotic versions of the official Olympic and Paralympic mascots.

There’s even more to Toyota’s plan to make Tokyo 2020 a one-of-a-kind event and deliver “the joy and freedom of movement” to all who participate in or attend the Games. To get a sneak peek, check out this video.

Originally published on July 30, 2019.


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