Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Mississippi (TMMMS)

Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Mississippi (TMMMS)

One of the top-selling vehicles in the world, the Toyota Corolla, is assembled at Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Mississippi (TMMMS) in Blue Springs, Mississippi. It takes a Herculean effort to roll 170,000 cars off the assembly line each year. To lend a hand, TMMMS employees are assisted by “Godzilla,” a large material-handling robot, which looks like a big metal arm and can maneuver loads up to one ton.  More than 2,000 Mississippi employees are trained and skilled in stamping, welding, painting, assembling and inspecting brand-new Toyota Corollas every day. Since breaking ground in 2007 and starting production in 2011, TMMMS and its suppliers have created nearly 4,000 jobs and invested over $1.2 billion in the state’s economy. To date, 1.4 million Corollas and counting have been assembled at the plant.

Facts and Figures

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Jobs Created

  • Start of Production: Fall 2011
  • Investment: $1.2 billion
  • Plant Site: 1,700 acres
  • Plant Size: 2 million sq. feet
  • Capacity: 170,000 vehicles annually
  • Product: Toyota Corolla
  • Operations: Vehicle production (stamping, body weld, paint and assembly)
  • Impact on Mississippi: The Center for Automotive Research (CAR) conducted a study based on 2015 data and found:
    • Toyota supported 8,700 jobs in Mississippi (direct, indirect and spinoff).
    • Direct employees (manufacturing-related and new vehicle jobs) earned $307 million in payroll.
    • After taxes, their disposable personal income totaled $235 million, meaning that money was available to be spent in the Mississippi economy.
  • Community Investment: Toyota has donated more than $5.3 million to local nonprofits to meet the critical needs of local communities and improve the quality of life for the people of Mississippi. Team members have logged more than 30,000 volunteer hours since Toyota Mississippi launched its “Leave Your Print” program in 2012.
  • Key Dates:
    • 2007:   Toyota announces it will build a plant in Blue Springs, Mississippi. Production of the Highlander was expected to begin in 2010 at an annual capacity of 150,000 vehicles per year. Projected employment was 2,000.
    • 2008:   Production adjustment. Toyota moves the Highlander SUV to its Indiana plant and names Toyota Mississippi as new home of the Prius. Plant construction put on hold indefinitely due to market conditions.
    • 2010:   Toyota announces its Mississippi plant will produce the Toyota Corolla in late 2011.
    • 2011:   Toyota celebrates production of first Corolla made in Mississippi.
    • 2012:   Toyota Mississippi adds second shift.
    • 2014:   Toyota Mississippi begins producing Corollas for export to customers in Central and South America and the Caribbean.
    • 2015:   500,000th Corolla rolls off the line at Toyota Mississippi.
    • 2017:   Toyota Mississippi celebrates 10 years in Mississippi with the announcement that it will build a 15,000 square foot visitor and interactive training center.
    • 2017:   One millionth Mississippi-built Toyota Corolla rolls off the line.
    • 2018:   Toyota announces a $170M investment and addition of 400 jobs to build the 12th generation Corolla and plans to build a $10M visitor and training center.
    • 2019:   Toyota Mississippi begins production of the all-new 2020 Corolla.

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TMMMS Celebrates Toyota Corolla Production Milestone 001

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