All-New Motorsports Campaign Welcomes the Thrill of the Race All-in-One Place

All-New Motorsports Campaign Welcomes the Thrill of the Race All-in-One Place

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Enduring the toughest challenges while making fans’ hearts skip a beat are shared characteristics for both Toyota and its family of sponsored athletes. “Be Part of Something Greater” is a new Motorsports marketing campaign that invites viewers to meet Team Toyota athletes together in a campaign featuring three new ads.

The creative tells a story of inclusion and appeals to Motorsports fans, Olympics/Paralympics devotees, and those unfamiliar with Toyota’s support of competitive sports. The spots introduce both Team Toyota Athletes and Drivers from all Toyota Racing series in spots titled, “Orientation Day,” “Perks,” and “Sisterhood of Speed.” The ads were created by Saatchi & Saatchi and directed by Kit Lynch Robinson.

By showcasing several of Toyota’s competitive partner athletes, viewers experience the thrill of the race, no matter the sport, all in one place. Viewers get lively introductions to the wild world of Toyota Racing and its Gazoo Racing heritage with featured vehicles and drivers from each series such as, NASCAR, NHRA, Formula Drift, and ARCA to name a few.

Furthermore, “Sisterhood of Speed” is another first-of-its-kind thanks to a unique spotlight on all female Team Toyota drivers and Olympics/Paralympics athletes. Fans and novices alike, get glimpses of the dynamic female pro athletes with their expertise holding a common theme – racing.

In the “Sisterhood of Speed” spot, a group of Team Toyota athletes appear on a tarmac, ready for a group introduction to a Toyota owner. The first frame introduces NASCAR ARCA driver, Toni Breidinger, in her Menards Camry on the tarmac ready to burn rubber on the track. Melissa Stockwell, Paralympian Triathlete and Military Veteran, arises from the smoke as BMX Olympian, Alise Willoughby, launches her BMX bike into the air as they both check out the burnout smoke. Then we see Alexis DeJoria, NHRA funny car driver walk on to meet NASCAR and TRD Development Driver, Isabella Robusto.

Driver Isabella Robusto said the burnout scene took a few takes to get it right. “Before shooting the spot, I had never done a burnout, so filming that was my favorite scene. The funniest part was my first attempt,” said Robusto. “I went off to the side of the track before we started filming. It took multiple attempts to get the hang of how to do it.”

As all the competitors walk toward each other, an aspiring young racer rides up to the group on her tricycle and asks, “who wants to race?” and the new Toyota owner says, “I like this team.” The spot recognizes each competitor’s contribution to trailblazing for women in competitive sports and gives a nod to emerging athletes ready to embrace future challenges.

“I hope people see strong, powerful women,” said Melissa Stockwell, Paralympian and Team Toyota Athlete. “And realize the power of a team and how that team can influence the next generation.”

Isabella Robusto, Toni Breidinger, Alexis Dejoria, Melissa Stockwell, and Alise Willoughby are the Team Toyota athletes featured in the spot. They filmed near zMAX Dragway together and, for many, this filming was their first time meeting each other.

“I loved being surrounded by other incredible female athletes that are breaking down barriers in all aspects of their life. It left me so empowered,” said Melissa Stockwell on her experience filming the spot.

“I hope younger girls watching will feel empowered to follow their dreams in sports or whatever “unconventional” career they want to pursue,” said driver Toni Breidinger. “I want them to feel like they can achieve whatever they put their mind to.”

The campaign, titled “Be Part of Something Greater,” began in mid-February. The TV spots ran on 2/19 to coincide with the NASCAR Daytona 500 Race and the campaign runs through November 2023.

All of the spots can be viewed here.

Check out the slideshow below to see images from Toyota’s “Be Part of Something Greater” Motorsports campaign:

Toyota’s new spot “Sisterhood of Speed” includes a Toyota “first” of spotlighting all female Team Toyota drivers and Olympic/Paralympics athletes together in one spot.

Toyota’s spot “Perks” features Team Toyota athlete Fredric Aasbø, part of the 2023 Motorsports campaign, “Part of Something Greater.”

Toyota’s new spot “Perks” was developed by Saatchi & Saatchi for the 2023 Motorsports campaign, “Part of Something Greater.”

Toyota’s spot “Orientation Day” was developed by Saatchi & Saatchi and invites viewers to meet Team Toyota athletes and experience the thrill of the race.

Toyota’s spot “Orientation Day” features Team Toyota athletes Martin Truex Jr., Isabella Robusto, Ryan Tuerck and J.R. Todd, part of the 2023 Motorsports campaign, “Part of Something Greater.”

Originally published February 22, 2023

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