2017 TRI Platform 2.1

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2017 TRI Platform 2.1 01

TRI has quickly updated its automated driving technology. The next iteration, dubbed Platform 2.1, is being shown for the first time on a closed-course.

2017 TRI Platform 2.1 03

Platform 2.1 expands TRI’s portfolio of suppliers, incorporating a new high-fidelity LIDAR system provided by Luminar.

2017 TRI Platform 2.1 04

On Platform 2.1, TRI created a second vehicle control cockpit on the front passenger side with a fully operational drive-by-wire steering wheel and pedals for acceleration and braking. This setup allows the research team to probe effective methods of transferring vehicle control between the human driver and the autonomous system in a range of challenging scenarios.

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2017 TRI Platform 2.1 Video Press Release

2017 TRI Autonomous Demo Video

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