2012 Manufacturing & Engineering

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2012 Manufacturing & Engineering - TABC 40th Anniversary 001

Toyota team members gather to celebrate TABC's 40th anniversary in Long Beach, Calif., on August 21, 2012. TABC was Toyota's first manufacturing operation on U.S. soil.

TMMI 003

Toyota Sienna windshield installation

TMMI 004

Toyota Sienna tire installation

TMMI 005

Toyota Sienna seat installation

TMMI 006

Toyota Sienna quality inspection

TMMI 007

Toyota Sienna hood installation bodyweld

TMMI 008

Toyota Sienna plastics bumper inspection

TMMI 009

Toyota Highlander nameplate installation

TMMI 010

Toyota assembly muffler installation

Toyota Technical Center 001

Toyota Technical Center Ann Arbor, Mich., headquarters.
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