Toyota Statement Regarding North American Replacement Parts

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As previously announced, the production of Japan-sourced replacement parts needed to service Toyota, Lexus and Scion vehicles resumed on March 17 and shipments to the United States resumed after a brief four-day delay. Because Toyota maintains safety stock throughout its supply chain, order processing fill rates for customers have remained normal.
It has been confirmed that damage sustained by certain Japanese parts suppliers will interrupt their normal production. Inventories of parts from these suppliers are currently adequate. However, in order to maximize future availability, approximately 233 part numbers, out of over 300,000 active part numbers (less than 1%), have been placed on controlled allocation. Controlled allocation means orders must be made manually via a special order release form and must be for a specific customer vehicle. By taking this step, we can help conserve parts until the flow from Japan returns to normal. 
Toyota is requesting that dealerships refrain from placing any orders in excess of what is critically needed to support customer emergency need and true customer demand. Toyota’s North American Parts Operations and our Toyota and Lexus dealers are committed to minimizing inconvenience for our customers as our Japan-based parts suppliers recover.


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